‘Free’ South Sudan Rejoices

The world’s oldest democracy today welcomed the world’s newest state the “Republic of South Sudan.”

At a ceremony marking the independence of South Sudan, Ambassador Susan E. Rice said she was honored to lead a distinguished, bipartisan U.S. delegation.

“On behalf of President Obama, my fellow delegates, the U.S. government, and the American people, we warmly welcome the Republic of South Sudan to the community of sovereign nations.” -Ms. Rice

She said the day is the celebration for all South Sudanese, and a day of triumph for all who cherish the rights of all people to govern themselves in liberty and law.

“My country too was born amid struggle and strife on a July day. On this day, the world’s oldest democracy welcomes the world’s newest state.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice highlighted that no citizen of South Sudan should ever take their independence for granted. They have waged a righteous struggle to win their liberty and chart their own course among the community of nations.

“For South Sudan, independence is not a gift that you were given. Independence is a prize that you have won.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice stressed that the United States remains mindful of the challenges that await for South Sudan. She added that the path ahead will be steep and pitted. However, she pointed out that the Republic of South Sudan is being born amid great hopes.

Ms. Rice emphasized that all of the challenges will demand leadership and accountability. She noted that for democracy and development rest on the foundation of good governance. Peace and prosperity rest on the foundation of strong institutions devoted to the public interest.

“Law and justice rest on the foundation of a political system free of corruption and fraud. And education and public health rest on the foundation of a government dedicated to the well-being of all rather than the interests of a few.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice underscored that South Sudan have a true and lasting friend and partner in the people of the United States of America. The U.S. government will work with South Sudan to strengthen the foundations of their democracy, promote human rights, and expand economic growth.

“Our support for the cause of peace for the Sudanese people has long been bipartisan and deep, and it will continue to be. We helped broker the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that led us here today, and we will continue to watch over it-and the future to come.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice stressed that the United States will stand with South Sudan as they build up the institutions that enshrine their liberty. She said that the U.S. government will stand with them as they write a constitution for all South Sudanese.

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