Congo Celebrates Its Independence Day

The citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo today celebrated its 51st anniversary of independence.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today congratulated the citizens of Congo as they celebrate their national day.

“Our two countries have a long history of partnership on many issues of mutual importance. Today, we are working to build on this history of cooperation to strengthen this relationship even more.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said the United States stands behind the Congolese Government and people as they work to improve security, respect the rule of law, and ensure the protection of human rights.

She said the U.S. government is looking forward to successful presidential and legislative elections in November to demonstrate Congolese commitment to the principles of a free and transparent democratic system. She encouraged all Congolese citizens to participate in the voting process so that your voices may be heard.

“On this special day, I wish the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo a safe and happy celebration. The United States is committed to a brighter future for all Congolese citizens – men and women – so that they may have the opportunity to realize their potential.” – Ms. Clinton

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