Civil War Looms in South Sudan

South Sudan on the brink of civil war?

Fear of civil war is looming in South Sudan as heavy fighting gripped the African country for a week.

The clashes erupted after President Salva Kiir accused former Vice President Riek Machar of attempting a coup. However, Mr Machar denied the accusation.

The clashes have left hundreds dead and displaced thousands of people who fled for protection in UN bases.

Reports of violence against civilians made headlines as renewed clashes erupted between troops loyal to Mr Kiir and the battle forces backing Mr Machar.

A South Sudanese girl at independence festivities.

The US successfully evacuated its citizens and diplomats overnight when reports of violence started to rage in the African nation. See US Diplomats Leave War-Stricken South Sudan

US condemns the violence in South Sudan

As the violence continue to grip South Sudan, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed condemnation of the brutal violence against civilians and UN peacekeepers.

In a press statement in Washington DC, Secretary Kerry said the United States strongly condemns attacks on the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) base in Akobo County in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

“We offer our condolences to the UN and victims of this attack.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry called on all warring parties to respect UNMISS, to refrain from any attacks on its personnel, and to help facilitate its mission to protect civilians who have sought shelter from the turmoil and secure the delivery of humanitarian assistance to all those in need.

South Sudan On Red Alert!

As mentioned above, one hundred-twenty U.S. diplomats and others left South Sudan as violence engulfed the country.

Two US aircraft picked up employees from the US Embassy in the capital of Juba along with foreign diplomats and some U.S. citizens, and flew them to Kenya.

The State Department said an additional group of Americans and third-country nationals was evacuated in a private charter.

In addition, the U.S. government urged all Americans to leave South Sudan and helped arrange transportation for them.

500 Killed In Recent Violence In Bor

Earlier this week, South Sudan’s military lost control of a key town in the country’s east, to army mutineers.

The army lost Bor, the capital of Jonglei state, to a military faction associated with former Vice President Riek Machar, who denied attempting a coup. Riek Machar claimed it is President Salva Kiir who is inciting ethnic tensions.

Jonglei state has been plagued with ethnic tension between the Nuer and Murle tribes in recent years with recurrent attacks and massacres of civilians.

Reports coming out of the area say the clashes between the country’s army and army mutineers have killed some 500 people, mainly soldiers.

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