Child Deaths on The Rise in Nigeria

GHI Deputy Executive Director Kemy Monahan today reported that one in five kids dies a preventable death before the age of 5 in Nigeria.

At the launching of Nigeria’s GHI Strategy, Ms. Monahan stated that in mid October, she visited Abuja, Nigeria to support the launch of Nigeria’s GHI Strategy and visit U.S.- supported medical facilities.

“For many Nigerians, life itself is tough. Over 3.14 million are living with HIV/AIDS; in the northwest of the country alone, one in five kids dies a preventable death before the age of 5.” -Ms. Monahan

She highlighted that against the daunting backdrop, the U.S. embassy health team has put together one of its very best GHI strategies that.

“In Asokoro, I met a tall, strong healthy young man who told me he entered the U.S. – supplied treatment clinic at 100 pounds, on the verge of death. What a turnaround! USG funding in the Maitama hospital, which serves 11,000 patients per month, supports HIV counseling and treatment, preventative, laboratory, and integrated HIV and tuberculosis services.” -Ms. Monahan

She cited that the US team is focused on lifesaving results on the ground. She said they kept their visit short to be sure that staff would not be distracted from treating the very last child waiting in the crowded hallway. She added that the severe shortage of health services in Nigeria makes their work with the Government of Nigeria on global health essential, and their work to invest in building up the capacity of their own health system imperative.

“We launched the new GHI Nigeria strategy in the company of ministry officials, representatives of donors, NGOs, international organizations and health advocates. Since the strategy itself notes that global health in Nigeria is an “intricate mosaic of collaboration,” it was only appropriate to launch it in a celebration with all partners.” -Ms. Monahan

She stressed that the Nigeria GHI Country Strategy focuses on multi-stakeholder and government collaboration, creating an AIDS-free generation and reducing maternal and child deaths. She noted that the strategy supports the Government’s national strategy and promotes Nigerian health priorities, while coordinating US-supported activities with other donors, nongovernmental and international organizations, and health advocates working in Nigeria.

She noted that stakeholders at the Abuja launch embraced GHI’s focus on saving mothers and children and creating an AIDS-free generation and the strategy’s outline of how to move toward those goals in Nigeria.

“We, and other donors and partners at the GHI strategy launch, stand ready to support Nigeria and our mutual goals of mobilizing domestic and international resources, creating an AIDS-free generation and saving mothers and children.” -Ms. Monahan

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