Cape Verde Celebrates Its National Day

The citizens of Cape Verde today celebrated their 36th anniversary of independence day.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today sent her best wishees to the people of Cape Verde.

Ms. Clinton underlined that both the United States and Cape Verde share a commitment to democracy, good governance, and economic development. Both countries we are improving maritime security in the Atlantic, strengthening the rule of law and encouraging investment in Cape Verde.

President of Cape Verde, Pedro Pires, meeting with the then Brazilian president Lula da Silva.

She stated that Cape Verde’s achievements in democracy and economic development serve as a model to other nations in West Africa.

Cape Verde is commended praised as the best example among African nations for its stability and developmental growth despite its lack of natural resources.

“As you celebrate your National Day with family and friends, know that the United States is a partner and friend. We are committed to this relationship for a brighter future for all Cape Verdeans.” -Ms. Clinton

Mina Fabulous
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