African Countries Begin to Show Great Growth

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said African countries are really beginning to show growth, during an interview with Baruani Muhuza of Radio Free Africa.

Ms. Clinton expressed her appreciation to be interviewed by the Radio Free Africa network.

Ms. Clinton clarified that United States don’t see the Chinese commercial and diplomatic interest in Africa as inherently in conflict with U.S. interest.

“We both have a long history in Africa. We were neither of us colonial powers, so we have a different set of relationships throughout the continent.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stressed that she has raised questions about ensuring that as any company, whether it’s an American company or a Chinese company, she hoped they adheres to the highest standards of how workers are treated, how the environment is protected, how the benefits from the investments are not just going to the elites in countries but more broadly spread across the population.

“Because I think it’s important at this stage of African development, with African countries really beginning to show great growth, that it be sustainable, that companies don’t come into Africa, just take natural resources, and leave nothing behind. Let’s leave paychecks behind.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton underscored there’s a need to support small-and medium-sized businesses, for them to flourish.

“Let’s leave a rising standard of living behind. And that is certainly the objective that President Obama and I have for our involvement in the continent.”-Ms. Clinton

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