Venus On Top Society Offers Free ‘Make War On Dirt’ Top-Secret Tips for Guys

Men Urged To Declare War For Mother’s Day Venus On Top Society Offers Free ‘Make War On Dirt’ Top-Secret Housecleaning Tips for Guys

For the man who wants to give his wife a truly unforgettable Mother’s Day the Venus On Top Society offers a free e-booklet, “Make War On Dirt For The Woman You Love,” ready to download at online.

Portland, OR (RushPRnews) – Any man can give his wife an unforgettable Mother’s Day by following the battle plan laid out in the free e-booklet, “Make War On Dirt For The Woman You Love,” offered by the Venus On Top Society at the website.

Despite decades of striving for equality, women still struggle to get their man to do his share of the housework. “Nothing could surprise and delight a woman more than waking up to a sparkling clean home on Mother’s Day morning,” says Barbara Wright Abernathy, Chief Executive Goddess of the Venus On Top Society, the social network for people who enjoy female led relationships.

The idea for the Make War On Dirt booklet came from the Venus On Top Society Yahoo Discussion Group (

Abernathy explains that the male members of the Venus On Top Society actually enjoy doing housework for their wives and prefer that she be the final decision-maker in the family.

The guys in the group were trading tips on household chores when Abernathy’s husband, Stephen, said that the handle of his Swiffer power mop felt like a video game joystick. He described how much fun he had imagining himself as a WWII ace fighter pilot shooting the cleaning fluid at the “enemy” spots on the floor.

Most any woman would be thrilled if her husband did more housework, but she often doesn’t have the time or patience to show him how. Whether a man is in a traditional marriage or a female led marriage, he needs instruction in how to do the housework properly.

That’s where the Make War On Dirt booklet comes in. Couched in military terminology, it gives a man a simple game plan to follow for “Operation Clean Sweep”. With strategies and tactics worthy of a Navy Seal he learns the easiest and fastest way to accomplish his mission, a clean house for his lady on Mother’s Day.

Get the free “Make War On Dirt” e-booklet at

The Venus On Top Society is an online community for people interested in female led relationships. Its web site offers free articles and resources.

Barbara Wright Abernathy, is the author of Venus On Top: Women Who Are Born To Lead And The Men Who Love Them. Get free book excerpts at

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