US Launches Women’s World Cup Initiative

The United States of America today launched the Women’s World Cup Initiative.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated the event was a great way to begin the 40th anniversary of Title IX with so many athletes, coaches and administrators and representatives from around the world who participated in the event.

“I am a huge supporter of Title IX, because I came of age before we had a Title IX and I played sports of all kinds, not very well- so I have no illusions about what Title IX would have meant to me – but I loved sports and I was raised in a very sports-oriented family and I was lucky enough to go to public schools in my town that had a lot of girl sports.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said she was very proud of the visitor exchanges, including teenage athletes, who have been introduced from across the world. She acknowledged the many countries which are represented in the event.

“I have to say I’m very proud of our U.S. Women’s Team, not just for last night but for all that they’re doing. And they’re getting ready for the Women’s World Cup in Germany next month, and I can remember that very, very hot July day in 1999 when Brandi Chastain stepped in to take that penalty kick.”-Ms. Clinton

According to Ms. Clinton, everyone is really trying to keep giving to those who come after. She said it is a program that has literally leveled the playing field. She highlighted that sports programs teach girls of every income level and ethnic background about leadership and teamwork, about supporting one another.

“As long as human beings are on this planet, we’re going to compete. But let’s compete with rules. Let’s compete in a way that doesn’t kill people. Let’s compete to determine who is the best soccer player or the best basketball player or the best long-distance runner.”-Ms. Clinton

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