Susan Lucci and Rebecca Budig May Move Online to ‘All My Children’

Cameron Mathison is one of the three people who have sign on for the online version of All My Children (AMC), which ended its network run last month. The actor, who plays handsome hero Ryan Lavery, told TV Guide that his onscreen love interest Rebecca Budig could be “open to the fact” of continuing the fan favorite Ryan & Greenlee (“Rylee”) story.

susan lucci
Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons

Cameron also said he would love for AMC to jump five years ahead into the future: somewhat the metaphor of the show’s move from ABC to The Online Network (TOLN). And on those reported rumors of life in Pine Valley without its latter-day Scarlett O’Hara? Cameron said “it’s not a done deal,” as he recently spoke to Susan Lucci and her husband about it, so there’s a chance that the legendary Erica Kane will live on once again. Until then, we have to “be patient.”

Both AMC and One Life to Live (OLTL) are scheduled to air on TOLN in early 2012.

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