Playboy Playmate Irina Voronina Booked for Motley Crue Music Video by Wild Models, Inc.

Irina Voronina, a former Playboy Playmate, who arrived in the US from Russia, in 2001, has been booked by entertainment industry marketing leader, Wild Models, Inc., for a new music video for rock legends, Motley Crue.

The hot Russian-born model has been featured in commercials and in print for Michelob Ultra, Skyy Vodka, and Miller Light, and was the iconic St. Pauli Girl for the St. Pauli Brewery 2008 ad campaign.

Thanks to her stunning good looks, she has extensive film and television experience. On the talk show circuit, she has been on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Chelsea Lately,” and “Howard Stern on Demand.”

irina voronina
Irina Voronina

Her film and television experience includes the HBO hit series, “Entourage,” “Ring of Darkness,” “Reno 911!: Miami,” “MADtv,” “Hood of Horror,” “Punk’d,” “Epic Movie,” and “Saul of the Mole Men.” She is currently filming “Svetlana.”

Wild Models, Inc., based in Hollywood, California, matches, and markets hot talent with the hottest brands, companies, and artists both nationally and internationally.

“The stunning, statuesque, Russian-born Voronina is no newcomer to the spotlight, having been featured in commercials and print for high-profile, recognizable brands,” a Wild Models spokesperson said.

Bookings for Irina Voronina are handled by the Booking Department at Wild Models, Inc.: 310-407-5174 or on their website,

Power Talent Agent Kurt Clements own Wild Models, Inc., a full-service, licensed talent agency, and entertainment industry leader. Clements has more than 23 years of experience providing marketing, sales, management, promotions and production for established and rising models and talent. Wild Models represents makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion consultants, photographers, and celebrities for television, product endorsements, commercials, fashion and commercial print, catalogues and convention work.

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