Miss USA Fell From Her Crown Once Again

Last night’s Miss Universe 2008 ‘s pageant took a slip — literally — when Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, tripped during the gown event. Still, the 26-year-old Texas native became a good trooper by smiling; raising her arms and hands to clap for the audience.

This wasn’t the first time a Miss USA contestant tripped. Last year, Miss USA Rachel Smith became an online celebrity when footage of her slip and fall during the gown event made it to YouTube.

“Someone needs to inform these girls on the proper way to stand up” states user minusthejosh 16, who now has footage of Stewart’s fall on YouTube.

As for the pageant, Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza became Miss Universe 2008.

Still, Stewart took the loss in stride when she talked to Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Today this morning. However, for her fall, Crystle Stewart has been awarded by TV Guide for the year’s Fumble Award.

Congrats, Miss Texas, and future success to you!

Source: People