Human Trafficking Destroys Lives and Preys on The Powerless

U.S. Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs to the United Nations Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis today said that trafficking in persons is devastating, destroys lives, fuels conflict, and preys on the powerless.

In his remarks before the UN Security Council open debate on new threats to security, Mr. DeLaurentis stated that the threats like illicit trafficking, climate change and pandemic know no boundaries and cannot be tackled by one country alone. T

Mr. DeLaurentis said the threats require collective action, which the Council encourages by placing these items on its agenda and taking stock of UN programs aimed at addressing them.

“The criminals involved operate in increasingly complex and diversified underground markets and networks without respect for borders, laws or basic human dignity.” -Mr. DeLaurentis

He highlighted that these networks subvert legitimate economic activities, undermine sustainable development and political stability, fuel violence and corruption, and weaken the rule of law. He added that in some areas, these criminals are aiding and abetting terrorists, undermining effective development and governance.

“We must continue to work together to deny these criminals every advantage and defeat them at every turn. We must continue to set and update international standards; pool our resources and expertise; and close safe havens.” -Mr. DeLaurentis

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