Hillary Clinton Promoting Degrading Gangsta Rap Culture

Alternative media reporter Alex Jones, a major supporter of Donald Trump, and anti-Hillary Clinton newscaster, has released a shocking new video detailing one of Hillary Clinton’s latest fundraising events, featuring music star Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z.

At the free concert, Jay Z. and another rapper are heard using sexist language; referring to women as “bitches” and “hoes,” making crude and vulgar sexual remarks against women, and using language that seems to condone violence.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton later takes the stage and shockingly states that “This is what America is,” referring to their performances, praising the entertainers. She has further called Beyonce, who often performs in little more than thong underwear on stage in front of children – as a great role model for girls.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

This blatant promotion of low brow culture is exactly what many Americans find appalling about Hillary Clinton – among a long list of other issues. Will American moral standards decline even further, if Hillary Clinton gets in the White House?

Or if a surprising conservative win happens, will Donald Trump overcome the past of his former sexist behavior towards women, and usher in a new era of conservative public policy, where a ghetto rap mentality is not endorsed and openly promoted by a public official?

Time will tell.

The uncensored video can be seen below.

Warning: the video contains offensive language and is not for children.