‘The Girl Child’ Resolution to End Discrimination Against Girls and Women

Deputy Representative to ECOSOC by John F. Sammis today said United States is pleased to co-sponsor the “The Girl Child” resolution.

He stated that the resolution and appreciates the efforts of the delegation of Angola to reach consensus and to address several of our concerns.

“The fact that the “Girl Child” resolution receives such broad support demonstrates that the international community recognizes that there is a need to focus on such issues as the discrimination against girls, health, education, poverty and early marriage.” -Mr. Sammis

He stressed that the United States is committed to bettering the lives of women and girls, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is also the smart thing to do.

“We are committed to focusing on empowering women and girls, not just as beneficiaries of development, but as agents of transformation.” -Mr. Sammis

He noted that by considering women and girls in all of American policy initiatives, global health, food security, climate change, economic issues, human rights, and peace and security the world can make those initiatives stronger and more successful.

“We note that we co-sponsor this resolution today with the understanding that the resolutions’ reaffirmation of prior documents applies to those who affirmed them initially. We look forward to continue working on the “Girl Child” resolution in 2013.” -Mr. Sammis

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