Find Your Passion and Don’t Let Bullies Stop You

People are always saying “find your passion.” Linda Gomez, entrepreneur and philanthropist discovered hers more than a decade ago, with her family by her side.

Gomez is a highly successful 61-year-old woman. She is the owner, founder and creator of the International beauty corporation, ET AL BEAUTY, which creates products such as Fullips and Nexsey.

“If you don’t know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.” – Oprah Winfrey

Fullips are non-surgical lip enhancers designed to add temporary fullness to your lips. This product was designed primarily for aging women who typically suffer from a gradual thinning of the lips as their hormones change.

Nexsey is another non-surgical age-defying product designed for women’s necklines which is another area that tends to show signs of aging in women. Nexsey is a medical grade tape. It helps disguise wrinkles in the necks of aging women who choose not to have plastic surgery to hide the signs of aging.

linda gomez.
Linda Gomez.

Gomez said as she began to show signs of aging, she became aware of the natural changes occurring within her body, so she looked for ways to correct the issues without invasive or costly procedures. She had no idea how to create, patent, manufacture or sell a product, but she began doing extensive research, educating herself on the signs of aging. That investigation led to the development of Fullips.

While Gomez thought Fullips would primarily be for older women; women of all ages seemed to have fun with it. It was just a fun little beauty tool to use for a little extra fullness.

“It’s interesting that when celebrities look good as they age the world commends them but I guess regular women should just do nothing according to the many critics I have encountered since creating my little beauty tools. It’s a personal choice, and at any age, people should have the right to do whatever we choose without other people, especially other women, criticizing us. When will women stop attacking other women?” Gomez asked.

Both products quickly went viral and as a result, she faced much criticism by people on social media. Those critics did not have the cognitive ability to empathize with women who are aging but still want to look their best.

One writer said, “Woman should learn how to age gracefully and should just be happy with the way they look.”

“I have recently become aware of female shaming for lack of a better term, not just about looks but age shaming by other women as well,” said Gomez.

The interesting thing is that most of the mean remarks are coming in from women around the world, who are saying that older women should just be happy with their aging looks and yet so often seem to have on make-up, push up bras and hair color. However, Gomez feels that younger women should view these products in the same light for older women as the make-up, Spanx, hair color, etc. that younger women use too.

“I found myself defending the right for any woman of any age to do what was her personal choice with her body and looks. Why should there be an age limitation for a woman to stop feeling beautiful by using beauty products?” Gomez said.

There is clearly a double standard considering many articles in the media point out when an aging woman isn’t looking like she did in her 20’s or when she may be considered too thin or overweight. They even compare women like it’s a contest to see if one looks better in a dress than others. Clearly body-type and age often make a difference. Furthermore, the majority of these publications are more than willing to sell advertising space for the very products they shame. Based on the logic of shamers, you are damned if you do it and damned if you don’t.

Gomez’s company is not only sharing fun beauty tips and ideas, but is creating jobs for people. At the age many people retire, Gomez stepped up to the plate and decided to start her own company. She loves connecting with others but now this process has shown her a side of people she didn’t expect. That is a negative, mean side and certainly a side that says if you are old, you should pretty much just let yourself go.

“I never judge what other people decide to do for themselves and I believe women should embrace all the wonderful things that come with aging like wisdom and tolerance! The tolerance to appreciate what every woman decides to do for herself personally,” Gomez said.

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