Alcee Hastings Accused of Sexual Harassment

Conservative legal watch-dog group, Judicial Watch, filed a lawsuit Monday against Florida Democratic congressman Alcee Hastings, accused him of sexually harassing a one time female staffer during an assignment to Vienna, Austria.

“My comments will be limited since I have not seen the complaint filed in U.S. District Court by Judicial Watch. I have seen a draft complaint prepared by my accuser that contains numerous inaccuracies and untruths.

“I have never sexually harassed anyone. In fact, I am insulted that these ludicrous allegations are being made against me. When all the facts are known in this case, the prevailing sentiment will be, ‘How bizarre!’

“I will win this lawsuit. That is a certainty. In a race with a lie, the truth always wins. And when the truth comes to light and the personal agendas of my accusers are exposed, I will be vindicated,” Alcee Hastings.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, during a news conference announced the lawsuit, stated the alleged harassment took place for more than two years, and ended in early 2010 when she left a staff job with a panel- the Helsinki Commission, based in Vienna, Austria.

Hastings was chairman of that group at the time, formally known as the United States Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.