You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For, Sometimes You Get More

Have you ever heard of Dominical, a small beachside village in the small Latin American country of Costa Rica?

Dominical on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is unlike many other seaside communities in that you won’t find towers, commercial centers or any fast food joints. In Dominical you are more likely to see monkeys, toucans, humpback whales and even the occasional Hollywood-ite strolling down the rustic unpaved roadway in complete anonymity. As a matter of fact, last year a local Costa Rican stopped his older model Toyota wooden deck pickup full of fruit to help a foreigner who appeared to need help with a cut on his hand. It was not long after that he realized this was no ordinary “foreigner.” It was Grammy award winning pop star Jason Mraz.

Domilocos Dominical, Costa Rica

Dominical has become a sort of mecca for surfers the world over. With some of the most consistant conditions in the country, Dominical is not so much of a secret within the surf community. Yet this unpretentious village is increasingly becoming more beloved by tourists seeking an escape from the “norm” and stepping back in time to conjure up an age when life was slower, relaxed and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Michael and Vivian of Domilocos, a standout in the Dominical hotels scene, are preparing themselves for something great that could change Dominical forever.

About 7 years ago now, Michael and Vivian manifested a vision. The vision was to provide affordable quality lodging for the Dominical area that would stand out above the pack. Domilocos was born!

In late 2004 Domilocos opened their doors and inescapably a viable alternative to the otherwise dull accomodations of Dominical was offered. Michael is quoted as saying,

We wanted to create something great! Somewhere that people could go for great food, air-conditioned beachfront rooms and offer a quality of service that had not been previously available within the Dominical hotels scene.

After bursting on to the scene, Domilocos has had another challenge to overcome that they had not anticipated. Having priced rooms at less than half the price of the local competitors while offering a substantially higher level of service and quality accommodations, many Trip Advisor visitors are left to wonder, “Why are they so cheap? Is there something I’m missing?”

Today people rate services and products with the mindset of “you get what you pay for,” however in the case of Domilocos, this can not be further from the truth. In fact, you will receive far more for far less when you visit the #1 hotel in Dominical, Domilocos!

But what is the greatness that Michael and Vivian are anticipating will change Dominical forever?

A couple years ago Michael and Vivian began envisioning a beachfront community of condominiums to provide a high quality of life with abundance and joy. Having previously negotiated and securing the most ethereal piece of Dominical real estate, Michael and Vivian began executing their dream.

Today their shared vision is in the final stages of design before construction of Domilocos on the Beach is set to begin late 2010 or early 2011. This community of striking design will feature a supermarket, office space, ample parking, swimming pool, 3 squash courts, health spa and gym and an eco-friendly design that is sure to not diminish the landscape and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean only a few steps from your doorstep. They are expecting some 21 luxurious condominiums to be part of Domilocos on the Beach.

Currently Michael and Vivian are selling at pre-construction prices to match even the most frugal buyers expectations and keeping in line with their concepts of the original Domilocos.