Worrying Signs For Dad Drivers in Milwaukee as Accident Figures Rise

Road accidents are a worry for all of us, especially when they are on the rise in an area we spend a lot of time on the road. For dads who drive around regularly with our kids, taking them to school, clubs and parties, increased road traffic accidents cause an even greater worry.

Recent figures have been released for car crash statistics in Milwaukee and it is not good news for dads in the area. The average number of crashes has increased since 2010 by almost 6,000 up to around 24,000 per year.

The figures show that accidents involving road vehicles is on the rise and it has never been more important than right now to stay extra safe on the road. Let’s take a look at the stats. Most situations can be avoided. However, others cannot be that easily avoided. We have situations in which people visit websites like HowToCreateABlog.org as they want to learn something while driving and end up being distracted, leading to a crash.


Since 2010, the number of accidents in Milwaukee resulting in injuries grew from just over 6,100 in 2010 to just below 8,000 in the past year. The large majority (72%) of these injuries have been sustained by drivers, with the remainder being passengers. As most Dads will know, these are worrying figures either way, your child being injured is a prospect that nobody would like to consider and the idea that you sustain injuries will also impact the care of your children.


The figure that nobody wants to look at is the number of fatalities suffered as a result of a car accident. Much like the figures for injuries, this has grown too. In 2010 there were 63 fatalities as a result of car accidents and although this fell during 2012 and 2013, the figures have risen again. Last year there were 87 fatalities.

This is another set of worrying statistics for any parent driving their kids around. It is all the more reason you should drive safely on the road and that you drive your kids around in the safest car you can afford.

When Accidents Happen

Unsurprisingly, most accidents take place between Monday and Friday, although most serious accidents take place on a weekend. A majority of fatalities take place throughout the evening and nighttime. On average, most accidents during the hours of taking kids to school or to after-school activities are minor bumps and scratches resulting in minimal injuries. In spite of this fact it is still vitally important that you take extra special care on the road.

Holiday Season

Extra special care should be take around Halloween, this holiday season is somewhat surprisingly the busiest when it comes to accidents with 467 taking place in the last 6 years. Parents should take special care during this time as they will of course be out and about with their children both on foot and in the car. These statistics should be taken very seriously and when you head out with your children for some spooky fun, ensure you take all precautions to stay safe.

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