Vinoteque: European Cuisine Family Style

There’s something special about dining with friends and meeting new ones. Just as interesting is the dining atmosphere, where friends can converse in a European setting. Such is the case with Vinoteque. This quaint bistro, located at 7469 Mel rose Ave is famous for their wine selection- over 2000 bottles of some of the best wines on the market. Our culinary began with old friends and new friends.

Bill Jones, a world famous photography to the stars, and Ed Magik, the producer and creator of; joined me. Family owned and operated by Erin Dietch(and parents), Gil Ren and Ryan Hess, we were hungry for this new dining experience! We were greeted by Ryan Hess.

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Bill Jones,Pete Allman, Erin Dietch, and Ryan Hess

As the restaurants sommelier, Ryan has a wealth of knowledge on the topics of wine. On Tuesday’s Vinoteque serves 3 wines and 3 appetizers for only $20.00 per person. The patron can also order an optional 3 course meal for an additional $40.00. This is a wonderful way to explore food and wine. The wine menu offers a bottle of wine for $30.00-which equals around $10.00 per glass. You can also try another wine by the glass. Liquid Sunday is a popular day offering 30% off of any bottle of wine. Plus there are no parking fees with a coupon from Vinoteques e-blast.


Vinoteque also has an outside patio for banquets and they grow organic herbs used in their daily preparation of food. It’s a very divers-ed menu that the chef changes daily. Roasted Beets with sauvignon Blanc pear, and goat cheese. Pamela and brochette brioche crumbs is a delight. Other salads include Fried Green Tomatoes consisting of herb goat cheese, smoked tomato in vinaigrette.

Ah, how about Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, with a panko fried poached egg with mushroom fondue and parmesan crisp Saba. For the meat and potato lovers, chicken caramelized with brussel sprouts and whipped potatoes with chick peas is just the right amount of food. Bill Jones had a Black Angus hamburger with fries and steak sauce. ”Best hamburger I’ve tasted ,” were Bill’s remarks. It should be, topped with pickles and caramelized onions; over dried tomatoes, arugula, and fries. In my travels I’ve always enjoyed fish.

That’s why I ordered the Roasted Salmon on a bed of Wild Rice, with fresh vegetables Cooked to perfection without being too hard or soft for that matter. Angel hair and little neck clams with garlic sausage is a dish that’s unique in itself. Ed Magik, including myself were totally satisfied. But my eyes are bigger than my stomach. So we all took advantage of the homemade desserts.

Pete Allman
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