The Beauty Of Las Vegas

When folks speak about Las Vegas, they mostly talk about their experience with gambling, production shows, or shopping.

Rarely do you hear or read about the beauty of Las Vegas.

I first arrived in Las Vegas in 1978 as an entertainer and had my own revue, The Pete Allman Revue, at The Fremont Hotel. This was where Wayne Newton started his career.

After living in Las Vegas for a while, I met a few local people, who showed me the real beauty that Las Vegas had to offer new residents and tourists.

My first travels there brought me to Mount Charleston, where the mountain air and the little creeks in the forest and pine trees were worlds apart from the Las Vegas Strip. Mount Charleston is some 11,000 feet above the desert floor and has two hotels, The Mount Charleston Lodge and the Mount Charleston Hotel. Both retreats specialize in weddings and anniversaries.


Mount Charleston is certainly the place where you can be one with nature and have a picnic with the family. On the south side of Mount Charleston is Red Rock, where you can enjoy a 12 mile scenic ride, and marvel at the various shades of the mountains, and the lookout points and picnic areas along the way. There’s no end to the activities families can enjoy in the desert.

The desert has a beauty that is surreal, especially at night. Death Valley is one of those amazing spots for gazing at the stars. It has an interesting history with 20 Mule Team Borax.


It is also known for the lowest golf course on the planet. Dune buggy and dirt bike racing are big sport in these areas, as well as boat racing and jet skiing on Lake Mead.

Talking about Lake Mead, there’s also Hoover Dam, formerly called Boulder Dam, located just outside of Boulder City. This attraction has much history, dating back to September 30th, 1935, when President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated its completion.

Referring back to the beauty of the desert, I think the desert flowers are so uplifting, that anyone could find their tranquility there.

This is just a small overview of the beauty that Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas, have to offer visitors and locals.

On another point, but not exactly serene, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention The Las Vegas Motor Speedway in North Las Vegas, the baseball arena in downtown Las Vegas, as well as The Thomas and Mack Center, where The Rodeo takes center stage each December.


All of these places are wonderful. I love them all.

These great pictures taken by B.J. Scahill of Avenger Productions give you an overall view of Las Vegas and I hope they entice you to spend some time there with nature.

May your vacation be uplifting and peaceful, while seeing the beauty of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.


Pete Allman, “The Man on the Scene,” is based in Marina del Rey, California, concentrating on producing feature films, television projects, and commercials. Pete also has an office in Las Vegas, which he visits occasionally.

Pete is also a restaurant critic, broadcast personality and celebrity interviewer. He produces inspirational messages for television and other media.

Of all the investigations he makes, we suspect he likes critiquing restaurants the most, because he can taste the food, savor the atmosphere, interact with people, and photograph all the goodies.

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