Popular Travel Destination Sees Rising Trend In Sustainable Tourism

As the world begins to further understand the effects of climate change on today’s society, tourism destinations like Costa Rica that focus on sustainability and awareness, are beginning to witness growing tourism numbers as a result.

Each year in Costa Rica tourism has seen an increase in arrivals to the country. A hot subject amongst travelers today is the awareness of their impact on the planet and how to do their part at reducing this as much as possible.

A recent unpublished study by the authority travel agency Costa Rica Vacations (CRV), revealed that at least 27% of all vacation packages booked each year through the company, are looking at sustainability options when searching for tours and accommodations.

Hotel Si Como No in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

When asked how much eco-awareness plays a role when making travel plans, Office Manager with CRV, Trevor Bernard, had this to say…

“Great question – speaking from what I’ve seen over the past year I’d say it’s a growing trend amongst travelers and if I were to speculate I would bet it’s only going to rise in popularity.”

The undeniable facts show that more and more travelers are asking the hard questions about where they [and their families] will be staying and what measures they are taking to sustain the lush landscapes of their surroundings. Whether that is in Costa Rica, Mexico or Europe, the fact remains that the attitudes of people is changing towards the subject.

As the leader in eco-tourism, Costa Rica has become a hotbed of hoteliers who’ve taken the initiative towards minimizing their, and their guests, carbon footprint.

One such pioneer in the field of eco-tourism is Jim Damalas of Greentique Hotels.

In 1992 Mr. Damalas set out to create a shining example of the benefits of, not only promoting eco-tourism but it’s positive affects on how a business can flourish while taking steps towards minimizing their impact on the environment.

A dream was born…

Fast-forward to today and as the forefather of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, Jim Damalas has built up Greentique Hotels to include properties covering three distinct Costa Rican climates. Si Como No situated in the popular Manuel Antonio region, is a model hotel featuring a unique blend of what they call “barefoot luxury.” This magical place is perched on the bluff above Manuel Antonio beach and boasts expansive views over the horizon.

Many people come to Costa Rica to experience the cloud forest.

A cloud forest, also called a fog forest, is a generally tropical or subtropical, evergreen, montane, moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level. Cloud forests often exhibit an abundance of mosses covering the ground and vegetation, in which case they are also referred to as mossy forests.Wikipedia

Situated amongst the clouds of the famous Los Angeles Cloud Forest, Villa Blanca is another hotel bearing the brand Greentique. This quaint boutique hotel is a throwback to the traditional life many Costa Ricans remember before the many creature comforts they enjoy now. A simpler time. Hotel rooms are small traditional style cabins or “cabinas” as they are called in Spanish that feature clay fireplaces to nestle up to when the sun sets.

Finally there is Aguila de Osa – an incredible experience in the wilds of the Costa Rican rain forest. Perched along the shores of the Osa Peninsula, Aguila de Osa is unlike anything you’ve ever laid your eyes on. National Geographic claimed the area is home to 5% of the entire biodiversity of our planet and this makes it the most bio-diverse intense places on Earth.

With such a focus towards sustainability, its no wonder Costa Rica has become the model for sustainable tourism and we can only hope that more countries around the world will look to Costa Rica as a fine example of how everyone benefits when it comes to eco-awareness and responsibility.

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