From Lisbon to Porto on a High-Speed Train

Porto and Lisbon, being the largest cities in Portugal happen to be the most appealing tourist’s destinations. Porto is located on a scenic landscape, and it is known for its attractive and laid-back atmosphere. Lisbon, on the other hand, is full of historical features, architecture, and pulsating culture. The two cities make an excellent destination for getaways when one wants to hide from the day to day work and life stress.

While there are numerous ways to move from one of the cities to the next, the most convenient is by high-speed train. There are two train services between Lisbon and Porto which include the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades. They are loved for offering excellent facilities including comfortable seats and WIFI. Also, they are affordable. However, the two train services are operated by CP which is Portugal’s national rail company, and they depart and arrive to and from the same stations.

Every day, there are seven departures from Campanha station to Oriente stations. The fastest trip is less than two and a half hours and a maximum of 3 hours 50 minutes depending on the train one chooses. It is advisable for travelers to check the Porto-Lisbon train timetable and quotes before booking.

The tickets from Porto-Lisbon must be pre-booked which can be either on the CP website or from a ticket office. Booking on the CP website is simple since they have an English section ensuring that anyone can understand the procedure and has an updated display of the train timetables.

The pre-booked tickets can be set aside for 30 days prior to the traveling date. The best part is that the tickets are very affordable. The Lisbon to Porto train takes only 2 hours 35 minutes, not forgetting that it is a 274 km distance. That is a speed of around 140 km per hour. The cheapest ticket goes for 54€ and differs depending on the class one chooses to board.

Train from Porto to Lisbon

All Porto to Lisbon trains start from Campanha Station. This is the last destination on the Blue Metro Line. It is situated on the border of Alfama district. The trains then stop at Lisbon’s Oriente terminal, which is found on the eastern side of the city. The terminal is linked to the Red Metro Line through the Oriente Metro Station. It is, therefore, the best option for travelers who are connecting from Lisbon Airport. The earliest train departs at 7.45 while the latest departure is at 20.47. the tickets price starts from £49

Train from Lisbon to Porto

All trains from Lisbon to Porto leave from Oriente and arrive at Campanha train station which is located on the east of Porto city. The station is also linked to Metro lines headed to the airport and city center. The earliest departure time is 7.45 while the latest is 20.47. The ticket prices start from £45. The train entails seven departures based on the weekday.

The high-speed trains are the solution to anyone who wants to get from Lisbon to Porto comfortably to run urgent errands. The trains are also efficient for individuals who plan to travel in groups or with lots of luggage. The services never disappoint.

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