Going To Rome? Best Way To Get From The Airport To The City

Roma, Una città di Bellezza Oltre le parole. Indeed, Rome is a city of beauty that is beyond words. There is a lot to see and do. The food is phenomenal, the people are expressive and exciting, and the buildings are stunning works of art.

The public transport in Rome is pretty simple, you don’t have peak and off-peak travel – making the ticket prices pretty static – great for tourists handling euros for the first time, or the Italian transport system.

You can purchase a public transport ticket that will allow you to use buses, trams, the metro, and some rail services – if you are unsure the newsstands and ticket stalls are very accommodating. But how to get from Rome airport to city centre has a couple of options. There is something for every budget and style of travel.


The train that isn’t covered is the Leonardo Express train. This train is a dedicated high-speed shuttle. The Leonardo Express will have you whizzed from FCO to Termini in around 32 minutes. Not only that but you can catch one around every 15 minutes. Which, isn’t half bad when you consider the more than reasonable 14 euro price tag.

It is worth noting that this train does cost double what you will be paying for many of the bus services.

If you have never been to Fiumicino before, you’ll be glad to know that the signs from the arrivals lounge to the train station are very simple to follow.

Remember that you should book online in advance in order to secure your seat as the service is, unsurprisingly, busy.

The alternative train is the FL1. This one stops at a couple more places, Trastevere, Ostiense, and Tiburtina. Although not in the center, they have plenty to see and do in their own right. And, it is cheaper than the Leonardo Express at a sweet €8.

Private Car

Rather than risk accidentally hopping in an unofficial taxi (which is very easy to do), you should book your private airport transfer in advance online. When you book an airport transfer, you are guaranteed to have your car waiting for you as soon as you exit the luggage pick up.

Not only that, but many companies offer extra services that can be added on for an additional cost. Like tickets to attractions, flight tracking, bottled water, even souvenir pick up.

In reality, a privately booked car will cost just a few more euros than a standard taxi. It’s worth the spend.


You can choose to go via private service or public transport.

Cotral is the public transport option, and this will hook you up to the metro (also known as the underground). It is super cheap, at 3,60 Euros and takes around an hour. Stopping at Piazza dei Cinquecento, which is in front of Termini, Cornelia Station which connects up to metro line A and EUR-Magliana which connects up to metro line B.

The private bus services that are available vary in price but are all pretty reasonable. They all offer a service that runs daily roughly between 6am till 11pm.


Well, they are all great options. But, if you have experienced the heat of Italy in the back of a bus, you’re probably not going to want to use this as your first choice. While, yes, it is cheap and cheerful, you’re getting what you pay for. With a travel time of 50-70 minutes, it just doesn’t sound all that appealing. Between €3,60 and €9 (for a return).

The train is one of the most used options. And due to that, it can be very bust, especially considering Fiumicino is the busiest airport in Rome. If you have a backpack rather than luggage and don’t mind some hustle and bustle, then this oneis for you. €14

Taxi. You have to be a bit careful when you hop in a cab outside the airport. You’re looking to get in a white car, with the taxi number on the side. They have fixed rates, and you can fit your luggage in the boot.

Private car. Like a taxi, only better. The price will be set, you can add some extras on to your booking, you won’t be ripped off, and you won’t be left standing in the wake of a post-flight taxi shortage.

“From the dome of St. Peter’s one can see every notable object in Rome … He can see a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe.”

-Mark Twain

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