Dominical, Costa Rica: A Seaside Village With Attitude

Formally, Dominical was not a major hotspot on most tourists “must see” lists, however these days, things are changing and with the recent completion of the highway from Quepos to Dominical, it can only increase in attention.

Within the first quarter of 2010, the Costa Rican government, after 40 years, finally completed the highway connecting Quepos/Manuel Antonio, to Dominical. Now when tourists reach Quepos they cannot tell them there is nothing to see further south other than washboard roads.

Now tourists are meandering their way further south to experience the ‘real deal Costa Rica’ whereas the rain forests are dense and the mountains come down to greet the sea. This is Dominical.

Dominical is comprised of a few small souvenir shops, a couple restaurants and corner stores. Of course there are a few Dominical hotels but for the most part, it is two dirt roads running parallel to each other and the beach. So don’t come to Dominical expecting a metropolitan community because you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Nope, Dominical is quaint, quiet and by all intents purposes…OFF THE MAP. Just the way the locals like it.

Then comes high season…

High season in Dominical brings tourists. Many of them. In droves they come to see what they heard or read on the internet and experience the true essence of what the Costa Rican rain forested jungles can teach them. Which is plenty.

Dominical Beach

Yes it is true that in some parts of Costa Rica, primarily in the northern province of Guanacaste that the primary rainforests are in danger and have for the most part been cut or burnt. However in the areas now being labeled, Costa Ballena, which includes Dominical, the jungles are dense, lush and very green. They are protected more in this area of Costa Rica than in other part of the country.

So with scarcely populated beaches, untouched rain forest jungles and of course…some of the most consistent waves in the world, Dominical is clearly should be a consideration for anyone looking to travel in to Costa Rica. Pura vida!