Volleyball, Tennis, Jiu- jitsu: Raphael Auad Has Done It All

Being a renowned entrepreneur and business person, there are various other things that Raphael Auad has been doing apart from business. Born in the USA and brought up in Sao Paulo, he was a keen sports enthusiast.

Starting with volleyball, he played as a professional in the Suzano team in Brazil from 1996 to 1999 and also as a professional athlete until he dropped out because of financial issues and lack of sponsorship. He has also played high level tennis tournaments but as an amateur. Some tennis matches were regional and some were at the national level.

He was 19 when he started college and also started playing tennis in Sao Paulo. In 2005, he retired from sports because of the same financial strain and lack of sponsorship. However, those years when he played, he was ranked 12th on FPT (Paulista Tennis Federation), ranked 26th nationally on CBT (Brazilian Tennis Confederation). He was also ranked 41st on South American Tennis Confederation (COSAT) and 72nd in the International Tennis Federation.

He was trained and coached by Adriany Carvalho, a former ATP professional player. During this time he played various regional games and was actively participating in college tennis tournaments as well as other open state tournaments. With the help of college sponsorship, he also played the Orange Ball in Florida until his graduation.

Apart from looking after two new businesses and his existing company, Raphael Auad is a high level Jiu- Jitsu fighter. He has tie ups with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community and also a part of the Renzo Gracie team in NYC. He is also being trained for high level Jiu Jitsu with several other renowned professional fighters and athletes such as Neiman Gracie, Joao Zeferino and others.

He has a deep bonding with sports and for him sports are a modern day social and networking tool which connects people and also help them maintain a quality and healthy life. He credits his interest in sports for his success as an entrepreneur, businessman, and player and most importantly as a person.

Raphael Auad is not only a businessman but also an athlete, a player who takes sports and his health very seriously and relates his life and other things with sports deeply. He is not only associated with one but three sports and has played them like a professional. He is still doing that and promoting sports as a way of life so that more people can become associated with sports and see the change.

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Raphael Auad
Shruti Gupta
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