Sprint King Usain Bolt Loses His Last 100m Race to Justin Gaitlin

Usain Wins Bronze in 100m Race in London

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in history may not be leaving the sprint arena with a bang as he lost his last 100 meter race to long time rival Justin Gaitlin in the World Athletics Championships in London.

Bolt’s upset stunned the crowd and viewers around the world, expecting a big win from a legendary sprinter. But it was not the case as Bolt ended his individual track career with the bronze in the men’s 100m. He was stunned by the defeat as well.

35-year-old Gatlin, twice banned for doping, trailed Bolt halfway to the winning point, but finished ahead of all other finalists with 9.92 seconds winning time. Christian Coleman took the silver with 9.94 seconds.

Gaitlin was overwhelmed with disbelief and excitement amid the boos echoing in the crowd. Both men have been close competitors in the sport for a long time. But Bolt proved to be superior in the sport for a decade. This time, Gaitlin finally defeated Bolt with a mere .03 seconds difference.

Amid the triumph, Gaitlin bowed down to Bolt to show respect and admiration of the fastest man alive in history.

I wanted to pay homage to him,” Gatlin said. “This night is still a magical night for track and field and Usain Bolt. I’m just happy to be one of his biggest competitors.”

Usain still holds the world record in the event at 9.58 seconds and won 3 straight Olympic golds in the 100m and 200m.

But it will not be the last chance for Bolt to be on top. He is set to compete in his final 4x100m relay race with Jamaica next Saturday.

Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics.
Usain Bolt in Rio Olympics.

Announcement To Retire

Bolt announced his retirement way back in 2015. Bolt had suggested that the Rio Games in 2016 would be his last major championship but appeared to have changed his mind to make a return to London.

Bold said in an interview with the Daily Mail, “That was the initial plan [to sign off after Rio]. But my sponsor has asked me to go on for another year; to 2017 and London.”

Now, Bolt’s retirement is finally near. However, Bolt’s legacy will linger on. He will remain the holder in history as the first man to win three 100m Olympic titles, the world record holder in both the 100m and 200m, a winner of 23 major gold medals.

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