The Road to the Garden: 83rd Daily News Golden Gloves Semifinals

Joseph Williams

On a wet and raw Friday night, boxers threw their best punches in Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field Sports Arena for the last chance to compete in the 2010 Daily News Golden Gloves Finals at Madison Square Garden. The fighters deal with pain and fatigue, call upon their training and summon all their will and heart for the win and a chance at a championship in two more weeks. For some the dream continues. Though still a challenge and test of courage, for others, it’s a long ride home in a New York downpour.

Christina Cruz

How the women fared:

(119-W) With overall better scoring with both left hooks and right handed roundhouses Christina Cruz defeated a hang-tough Amanda Beczner to move on to the finals

(119-W) While Catherine Lesnick landed some solid rights to her opponents head, Alexis Asher outscored her with a variety of body and head combinations for the win.

(106-W) After heavy trading in a close high action fist-fly, Laura Ramirez came out strong in the fourth round to finish with the win over Amarys Torres.

Laura Ramirez (Left) sizes up Amarys Torres

(176-W) In the only Final of the night, Emily Werfel managed to get that extra boost in the last round over Iris Murillo for the 83rd Daily News Golden Gloves Championship.

(176+ W) Shanell Mathes had been outscoring Karen Hook resulting in a round 3 RSC (Referee Stopped Contest), for a Mathes win.

How the men fared:

(152-N) Peter Dobson dominated and kept Mathew Armstrong on the ropes for the win.

Peter Dobson

(201-O) Stivens Bujaj scored solid and heavy over Clifton Scott causing Scott’s corner to call for a Retirement and a Bujaj win. (There probably would have been a mandatory end to the match anyway due to what seemed about to become a 3rd “8 Count” in the same round.)

(201-O) After some fast, hard hitting rounds, Joseph Williams outpunched Frederick Samuels for a trip to Madison Square Garden.

See you again for the Finals, March 25th and 26th at Madison Square Garden.

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