Adds Rock-and-Roll Flavor to the World of Cheerleading!

Just Like the Fabulous Laker Girls!

Although “The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders” are the ‘belles of the ball’ when people speak about the world of all-star professional cheerleading, there is another group out there that’s just as famous. The amazing Laker Girls are the all-female National Basketball Association Squad that performs, supports, and entertains the crowds that come to watch the “Los Angeles Lakers” head to the basketball court; and Shop4Teams.comis THE Company that supports, accessorizes, and clothes cheerleaders from sea to shining sea!

Not only has Shop4Teams.comearned a place in history as the best of the best when it comes to all cheerleading uniforms, cheerleading warm-ups, cheerleading accessories and cheerleading equipment, but the LakerGirls have also earned their place in history.

It was while performing as a Laker Girl that the well-known and much-loved Paula Abdul was “discovered” by a group known as “The Jackson’s.” In fact, Paula was such an amazing performer – a dancer with the coolest and most unique “moves” in the world – that the famous Jackson’s hired her to choreograph the music video for their song, Torture. As everyone knows, that one moment in time led to Paula Abdul’s future career, as she choreographed the famous “Jackson’s Victory Tour,” as well as other music videos. is a company that literally screams out, “All Hail to the Cheerleader!” The amazing cheerleading uniforms and cheerleading products that Shop4Teams.comoffers to youth squads, college teams, and YOU as YOU head towards the professional arena of all-star cheerleading is absolutely extraordinary.

The Laker Girls have long been considered the premier dance squad of the NBA. Completely impressed with the collegiate look and spirit that existed at USC and UCLA in the late 1970’s, and seeking to bring that same entertaining atmosphere to Lakers’ home games, the owner of the Lakers at that time, Dr. Jerry Buss, brought together former song-leaders from both universities to form the original Laker Girls in 1979. And quickly, that amazing cheerleading squad became known across the land for their unique and innovative dance routines – routines that actually helped spawn trends in music videos. As if it were all predestined, the Laker Girls became the glamour dance group of the NBA and a household name. is also THE household name when it comes to the cheerleading business. They have long been a part – and will continue to be a part – of supplying the best fabrics and colors at the absolute BEST prices in the sports world!

And is not the only ‘experiment’ that ultimately resulted in a trend-setting tradition. Over the years, the Laker Girls have evolved into an even more – if that’s possible – professional dance squad while maintaining that same collegiate spirit that brought them up the ladder of success. Much like the team members who make up, the Laker Girls are made up of talented, intelligent, and energetic women who are chosen every year from over five hundred candidates.

And, as is the ambassador to the sports uniforms and sports accessories industry, the Laker Girls have become ambassadors for the NBA worldwide. For pure entertainment and sparkling performances, the Laker Girls are the ones to watch; and for cheerleading teams and cheerleading squads is the site that offers stock cheerleading uniforms which can ship the SAME day unlettered, and two-weeks with custom lettering. For custom cheerleading uniforms, delivery is 4-5 weeks with custom lettering.

And the great delivery time isn’t all! The economy factor is key when going for the best, and stands side by side with cheerleaders by offering 25% off discounts. AND…if you mention THIS article when you purchase, you’ll receive 35% off stock uniforms! Is there more? Oh, Yes. ALSO offers 50%discounts!!

Cheerleading wear and custom cheerleading apparel is a true highlight of The variety they offer is amazing, including: custom cheerleading apparel for cheerleading coaches, cheerleading squads, varsity cheer teams, all-star cheerleading, competitive cheerleading, and even for youth cheerleading teams. There is absolutely nothing that Shop4Teams.comdoesn’t offer to prepare YOU and YOUR team for the best possible appearance on court. In the huge line of products that include: football jerseys; basketball jerseys; soccer jerseys; hockey jerseys to all fabrics and colors of football uniforms; basketball uniforms; baseball uniforms; softball uniforms; customized sweats; team uniforms – the cheerleading uniforms stand for the best that America has to offer!

And, as everyone will always remember, the Laker Girls are the bearers of the magnificent purple and gold cheerleading pom-poms and cheerleading uniforms that represent their famous team. Shop4Teams.comhas this cheerleading aspect covered as well, with a HUGE variety of pom-poms. There are cheerleading pom-poms in stock or custom made. For example, a pom-pom can be made with metallic glitter for an additional 30% of the regular price. To custom make cheerleading pom-poms takes about 3-4 days and there are stock show pom-poms that are 6″ long & 3/4″ wide with a baton handle that are $7.25 each, and can be shipped the same day! Talk about a variety of colors and sizes; all pom-poms are pre-fluffed unless stated otherwise and add the flair necessary to bring the entire cheerleading uniform to life. Not only that…but holographic pom-poms are now in stock in all sorts of colors for just $15.50!! The prices are extremely low and there’s even a variety of megaphones that are essential for revving up the crowd!

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