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There are many young men and women out there right now who dream of that far-away Diamond. They dream of that World Series where their hit, their catch, or their pitch will bring the crowd to its feet and put their name into the history books.

In fact, there are some out there who are destined to have their baseball uniform hung beside #7, that historical baseball uniform worn by the illustrious Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees.

This “Master of the Diamond” was the son of a coal miner in Oklahoma, and was named after Mickey Cochrane – the Hall of Fame catcher from the Philadelphia Athletics. Mickey’s father was referred to as “Mutt,” who was an amateur player and fervent admirer of Cochrane. Mantle always spoke warmly of his father, and said he was the bravest man he ever knew. Unfortunately, “Mutt” was dead by the age of thirty-nine, just as his son was starting what would become a truly glorious career.

Baseball was Mickey Mantle’s first love, even though he played football while at the University of Oklahoma. In fact, football almost cost the world a true legend, when Mickey was kicked in the shin during a football game and became infected with a crippling disease that would have been incurable just a few years earlier.

Mantle was treated with the newly available drug, penicillin, saving his leg from being amputated and saving the world from losing one of their greatest baseball players.

Mantle’s first semi-professional team was a baseball team referred to as the Whiz Kids. It was in 1948 that Yankees’ scout Tom Greenwade came to Baxter Springs, Kansas to watch a “Whiz Kid” teammate of Mantle’s. But during the game, Mantle switch-hit two homers into the river well beyond the ballpark, and Greenwade would later call Mantle the ‘best prospect he’d ever seen.’

His blinding speed soon earned him the nickname “The Commerce Comet,” and in Joe DiMaggio’s final season, he called Mantle, “the greatest prospect I can remember.”

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In his first World Series game, Mantle wore the legendary #7 baseball jersey. The Yankees were pitted against the Giants for what was Willie Mays’s first World Series, as well.

Mantle moved to center field, replacing Joe DiMaggio who retired at the end of the 1951 season after one year playing alongside Mantle in the Yankees outfield. Mantle played center field full-time until 1965, when he was moved to left field. And his final two seasons were spent at first base. The list of Mickey Mantle’s accomplishments is colossal. Among them are all-time World Series records for home runs (18); runs scored (42); and runs batted in (40).

Mantle also hit some of the *longest home runs *in Major League history. On September 10, 1960, he hit a ball left-handed that cleared the right-field roof at Tiger Stadium in Detroit and, based on where it was found, was estimated to have traveled 643 feet!

While on May 22, 1963, against Kansas City, Mantle hit a ball that fellow players and fans claimed was still rising when it hit the 110-foot high facade, then caromed back onto the playing field. It was later estimated that the ball *could* have traveled 620 feet, had it not been blocked by the ornate facade.

Mantle was a feared power hitter from both sides of the plate! And in 1956, he won the “Hickok Belt” as the top professional athlete of the year. Mantle also remains the last man to win the Major League Triple Crown* by leading both leagues in all three categories.

There are many who have tried to equal the talent of Mickey Mantle, who literally proved himself to be a baseball “robot.” Like Joe Montana was to throwing touchdowns, Mickey Mantle could do no wrong on his home turf – he was the “Master of the Diamond!”

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