Richar Abril Defends WBA Lightweight Belt Against Sharif Bogere

12 Round World Boxing Championship Fight

In a 12 round World Boxing Championship fight at The Hard Rock Hotel, Richar Abril 18-3-1[8 knockouts] won by unanimous decision over Sharif Bogere 23-i-[15 knockouts].

Bogere the aggressor had one point taken away from him for a head butt in the 12th round, while Abril had a point taken away from him in the 8th round. Abril was warmed by the referee Russel Mora 5 times for holding during the fight. According to the score cards Judge Chris Wilson scored it 116-110 in favor of Abril winning most rounds except rounds 2, 7, and 11.

Abril Bogere1
Abril Bogere

Robert Hoyle had it 115-11 in favor of Abril, winning all rounds except rounds 2, 3, 6, and 7. Patricia Morse Jarman has it 116-110 for Abril, giving him all rounds but 2, 7, and 11. Although referee Russel More may have been lenient to Abril, it was a hard match up with Abril having a much bigger reach.

Richar Abril Won By Unanimous Decision

Stats showed Bogere throwing 614 punches and connecting 93, while Abril threw 433 punches and connected 152. Jabs thrown by Bogere were 305, connecting 42, and Abril throwing 208 jabs, connecting 29. Abril on the other hand thrown 225 power punches and landed 123, with Bogere throwing 309 and connecting 51.

Russell Gusev2
Russell Gusev

Gary Russel Jr. Won A Unaminous Decision Over Vyacheslav Gusev

In a 10 round fight, Gary Russel Jr. won a unaminous decision over Vyacheslav Gusev of Russia. Russell had thrown 797 punches to Gusev’s 214, connecting 229 to Gusev’s 33. Russell also threw 510 jabs connecting 105, while Gusev threw 47 connecting 1 jab. Russel’s power punches thrown were 287 connecting 124, were Gusev threw 167 and connected 32. The broadcasts on Showtime will air in the future.

Russell Gusev3
Russell Gusev
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