Coffee Club Crowns Columbia King

Finally. The club for those who’ve vowed never to spend more than $3 on a single cup of coffee, ever again.

I’m on to to you, coffee houses.

I know I’m not paying for just the coffee. I’m paying for the whipped cream, the sugary syrups, the portable cup, the coffee sleeve, the beverage station, the hip coffee-house atmosphere!

Can I drink atmosphere?

coffee one

And another thing, if you let me bring a mug from home, I would! And who asked you to put all that other artificial stuff in there? Your drink menu’s so convoluted, I hardly knew what I was ordering. Don’t even get me started on those names for cup sizes. Do I look like I speak French? And to top it all off, you misspelled my name.

Keep your free WiFi. This overly complicated, price-inflated coffee scheme is robbing me blind. And Gourmet Food Club’s Coffee of the Month Club has turned out to be a much tastier and practical alternative. I don’t even have to change out of my pajamas to drink these deliciously rich brews. And unlike some baristas, I never burn the batch.

No long lines, less calories, a choice of flavors, and I don’t need to ask for a key to use the bathroom. I could rant and rave for hours about the advantages of this 3-Month Coffee Club membership, but by now I’m sure you get it. So just get it… the Coffee Club, I mean.

This Month’s Whole Bean Coffee

Gourmet Food Club’s Columbian Narino “Reserva del Patron” (8 oz):

coffee two

I can describe this coffee blend to you in a single word.


Even if it’s not your “favorite flavor,” everyone needs a supply of classic coffee. Not vanilla, not caramel macchiato, not hazelnut. I’m talking about a medium roast, full-bodied cup of coffee that gets in and gets the job done. No squirts of syrup, no bonus calories, no frills. Just coffee.

However, “normal” coffee should still have flavor! And good, rich, roasted flavor at that. In the past I’ve struggled to decide which coffee bean is best. Or rather, which bean nationality is best. Please keep in mind, this is not prejudice. Its okay to discriminate against beans, not people.

It almost always boils down (or brews down) to Cuban and Colombian coffee. While both countries know how to grow a good coffee bean, ultimately I must choose one. This one.

King Of All Cups

After trying the “Reserva del Patron” whole bean blend, I am prepared to crown Colombian coffee the king of all cups of Joe. It’s so smooth and filling to the finish, and its versatility, as I mentioned earlier, proved impossible to beat.

Not even the pickiest coffee drinkers can find a problem with this coffee. With a standard standby like this in my pantry, I’m prepared to entertain any dinner guest with a hot brew for dessert. How do I know? Because it stood up to every creamer, sweetener, whipped cream topping and flavor syrup I threw at it. No matter when, where, or how you take your coffee, this rich Colombian flavor will shine through.

I’m very excited to find out what other whole bean blends this Coffee of the Month Club has in store for the future. If this first bag is any indication of what Gourmet Food Clubs has roasting, I suggest you sign up soon.

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