Noriko Kariya: Heart of Gold, but Fists of Iron

After fight Noriko Kariya at the Roseland Ballroom.
After fight Noriko Kariya at the Roseland Ballroom

On December 13, 2007, Noriko Kariya met Salina Jordan at the Roseland Ballroom for a schedule four rounds Bantamweight bout.

Noriko Wins.
Noriko Wins

Almost defenseless, gloves down and awkwardly punching from the waist, Salina Jordan somehow summoned the spirit to keep standing for the first two rounds under a heavy, unchecked left and right bombardment from Noriko Kariya. But early in the third, seeing Salina, clumsy and dizzied, and with no sign of fatigue from the Noriko onslaught, the referee stopped the fight.

Stepping up her training and varying her style, Noriko attempts to reach her full potential. Her warm, disarming smile and sincere personality belie the tough competitor in the ring. Jill Diamond of WBC’s Championship Committee comments, “She’s New York’s best kept secret.”

No mystery tonight, she won this match by TKO.

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