Night of Golden Gloves Controversy

Boxer/Jeweler Blue Saphire Christina Rosa
Boxer/Jeweler Blue Saphire Christina Rosa

On April 17, 2008 the first night of 81st Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Finals opened at Madison Square Garden’s WAMU Theatre. An evening of action and fine boxing, the fans shouted a mix of cheers and jeers as close bouts brought controversy between hyped spectators and the judges.

From the onset, in an even bout at best between Camille Currie and Lisa Tracy (Women’s 132-pound), though Camille defended and scored well with left jabs against a bit wild and aggressive barrage of Lisa’s left hooks, it seemed to many that overall, Lisa still got the better of this bout. The judges gave this one to Camille.

Trainer Alicia Ashley with Camille Currie.
Trainer Alicia Ashley with Camille Currie

Once again, Kaiser McLeod-Wells defeated Alexis Asher (women’s 114-pound), in a non-stop punching fight with Alexis throwing most of the punches and seemingly scoring, leaving spectators with open-mouth question-mark looks on their faces.

Then, the theme continued. One of the nights best matches, a classic of speed and reach vs. power and grit, Christina Cruz defeated Christina Rosa (women 119-pound). Hands often down, Cruz still snapped some fine left-right combinations to Rosa’s head. But overall, Rosa cut off the ring enough to get in close and score to Cruz’s body and head, “seemingly” to get the better of this intense match. (And I owe Ladies Manager David Selwyn a beer, to boot.)

All said and done, the evening remained exciting. Other close bouts could have gone either way, so comment will be reserved. Honorable mention goes to Ring 8 for the intermission presentation of the Bill Gallo Scholarship Award to Nicole Russell, Marcos Hernandez and Anthony Karperis.

Emile Griffeth with Ring 8 Scholarship recipients
Emile Griffeth with Ring 8 Scholarship recipients

Other Results:

Christina Jensen with a controversial win over Jennifer Egan (165)

Timothy Ramirez over Jordan Rodriquez (106)

Marcus Browne with TKO overwhelming speed over Shaka Davidson (165) (Keep your eye on this one)

Steven Martinez over Travis Peterkin (152)

Joseph Smith over Sean Monaghan (178)

Nisa Rodrigez with hard straight lefts beat Justine Herrera (154)

Shemuel Pagan over Vassiliy Zherebnenko (132)

Frankie Garriga over Christian Arreaga (119)

Raul Lopez over Jose Rivera (112)

William Whitt beat Paul Diaz-Larui (141)

Emmanuel Gonzalez with a KO wins against Marcos Hernandez (125)

Daniel Torres over Davone Jones (Super-heavyweight)

Mitchell Balker over Norman Neely (201)

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