Mayweather Defeats Alvarez By Majority Decision

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Floyd “Money” Mayweather lived up to his expectations on Saturdays WBC/WBA Champion fight against Saul ”Canelo” Alvarez at The MGM Grand Garden. Alvarez, of Guadalupe, Mexico, 43-2, 30KO’s said Mayweather took him out of his game plan and that he couldn’t catch him with the right shots. For Mayweather, 45-0,26 knock outs (KO’s), it was another pay day. Mayweather showed he could trade punches with Alvarez by using his jab and countering with rights to his jaw and body.

Alvarez on the other side of the coin, felt by eating well and putting on the extra weight before the fight would give him an advantage. It didn’t help him, especially when he had to catch Mayweather in the early rounds with strong body shots. He was no match for Mayweather’s experience and speed. Mayweather showed his dominance throughout the rounds, especially in the 5th and 7th where he connected strong rights and straight forward punches, not to mention having Alvarez on the ropes in the 7th.

Judge Craig Metcalfe of Canada scored it 117-111 in favor of Mayweather, while Dave Moretti of Las Vegas has it 116-112 for Mayweather and CJ Ross had it a draw 114-114. Showtime punch stats showed that Mayweather landed 46% of his [232 punches out of 505, while Alvarez landed 117 of his 526 punches. That’s 22% compared to Mayweather’s 46%.On the power punches Alvarez landed 232 to Mayweather’s 175.

This was without question the biggest pay per view fight in the history of boxing. The paid gate alone was 20 million and the pay per view is reported to be 100 million. Celebrities who attended this fight were Denzil Washington, Jack Nicholson, Magic Johnson, Lizzy Caplan, Rosie Perez, LL Cool Jay, Don Chendle, Lil Wayne and Justin Beaver among others.

Semi Main Event Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysee

Danny Garcia 27-0, 16KO’s of Philadelphia surprised Lucas Matthysee 35-3-ind, 32Ko’s of Argentina, with excellent speed and far better boxing skills then Matthysee. Garcia winning the WBA/WBC Super Lightweight title won by unanimous decision. Matthysee, a power hitter, didn’t have the accuracy to make his hits count. His game plan had changed after his right eye was closed from the lightening speed of Garcia in the early round of 5.

Calos Molina vs. Ishe Smith

Carlos Molina (22-5-2,6 KO’s) won a 12 round IBF Jr. Middleweight title form Ishe Smith (25-6,11KO’s) The scores were 117-111 for Monlina, 116-112 for Smith, 116-112 Molina. Carlos Molina won by split decision.

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