America’s Cup 2013 Telemetry

If you are a sailor and a techie then you probably wish you were right on the America’s Cup boats. Here’s the next best thing.

The racers have agreed to provide feeds of the actual telemetry the strategist and helmsman see.

Find the official race notice board at:

For example, here is a PDF document: that has the statistics from Race 10.

Liveline is a newly developed graphics presentation which should contain real time data from the boats.

Check it out during the race to see what is being displayed today.

Feeds go from the boats to the following helicopter, to shore, to the Internet.

The tweets between the race officials and boats are at

I hope these links provide you with interesting information during the race.

Since most aren’t live before the start they may not show anything now but you should open them in a tab early.

The Tweets are already live online today online and started with:

“America’s Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 59m

TIM Good morning from San Francisco! Race 11 starts 13:15 PDT (8:15 NZST, 22:15 CEST, in ~3.5 hrs.) Beautiful cool clear day. Forecast: Wind”

To make things more comprehensible here is a brief guide of some terms you may see.

PRO – Principal Race Officer determines the course.

UMP – Umpire.

USA – United States – ORACLE TEAM USA

NZL – Emirates Team New Zealand

MDSS – Media Data Server System, boat telemetry

TIM – Telemetry Interface Metadata – ?? could be anything related to the data but not generated automatically

WND – Wind guage

OCS – On Course Side – a foul, crossing the start before time

LM – Leeward Mark

WM – Windward Mark

kts – Knots, or 1.15 m.p.h. 1.85 k.p.h.

PDT – Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7 hours

A message might be sent from PRO to a boat or all boats, for example the start time, or a penalty notice, or the official race finish time.