First Night of No Surrender at The Garden

Christina Cruz (Gold) and Alexis Asher

New Yorkers got treated to an evening of heart, dreams and “hard knocks” as combatants gave their all in night #1 of the 83rd Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Finals. Madison Square Garden packed with boxing fans eager to see a friend or relative capture the win in one of 14 coveted Championship bouts.

JodyAnn Weller

Results for Women:

125lb. JODY-ANN WELLER wore down Melissa Itoh with left jabs for two rounds. Although Melissa returned some blows, Jody poured on a few flurries for a win when the referee stopped the bout 1:20 of Round 4.

119lb. In a championship rematch from last year, CHRISTINA CRUZ scored well, evaded excellent and moved great in general in this close match against Alexis Asher. But from where I sat, I counted more effective “connects” from an aggressive Alexis. However, I’m not a judge, and from where the judges sat, the fight was a repeat win for Christina Cruz.

132lb. JULIE ANNE KELLY, with some solid right hooks, took this one in a close bout over Camille Currie.

Julie Anne Kelly

112lb. The bout started even with constant trading until NICOLE DEAN caught a tired Sharisse Garcia with some solid rights to the head in the 3rd and 4th rounds for the win.

Heavyweights SHANELL MATHES and Naralie Pacheco exchanged some heavy slug-fest punches with a Shanell win. (Special note: There was a bit of good natured levity when a missed Shanell hard right caught off-balance referee Dennis Legall in the chest, sending him to the mat.)

Results for Men:

165lb.(Open) TRAVIS PETERKIN started the match by scoring better against Vincenzo D’Angelo with right hooks and a nice uppercut. Vincenzo scored well also during some heavy trading, notably a straight left, but Travis dominated the last round earning him the win.

152lb.(Novice) In a “No Nonsense” heavy and fast trading PETER DOBSON and Gary Beriguette match-up, though Gary came on aggressive, Peter still scored well (especially off the ropes) to win this bout.

Peter Dobson (Gold) and Gary Beriguette

178lb. (Novice) The bout started with a lot of jab trading until MICHAEL SPIEGEL cashed in on that dropping left hand of Aleksey Kuper with a flurry for a 3rd round referee stop at 1:17 and a Michael win.

141lb.(Open) SHEMUEL PAGAN with some trading and many body blows against Carlos Teron for the win.

178lb. (Open) MARCUS BROWNE with some blasting right hooks for a win over David Thompson.

Marcus Browne(Gold) and David Thompson

114lb. (Open) ANTHONY CARAMANNO with a snapping left hook a right that sometimes slipped between Jordan Rodriguez’s gloves for the win.

132lb. (Open) MARLON BROWN outscored Wesley Ferrer for the victory.

Super Heavyweight: Davone Jones threw everything including the kitchen sink: elbows, a head butt, late hits, and held the back of his opponents head all to no avail as he took too many hits (especially rights to his body), earning ROBERTO MORBAN the championship.

Heavyweight Novice: A lot of heavy trading and scoring with right hooks and straight rights for Earl Newman Jr., but overall scoring went to an aggressive THOMAS HARDWICK for the win.

Stay tuned. This evening begins night #2.

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