Eileen Olszewski and Stefania Bianchini: Determined competitors for Title bout

Everyone has a right to test their courage and skills, to face an opponent, a challenge, whether in space flight, a game of chess or a sports competition. The need for accomplishment and gratification, a few extra pounds lifted at the gym, a few seconds cut on race time, we all have our little victories that make us feel good about ourselves, and sometimes, we dream big, of that special moment, and hope to make it as grand as possible. Other times, we simply recognize accomplishments, hard work and dedication in others. As women’s boxing expands its place in the arena, we all get to share the experience and excitement. That “giving it everything you got,” you hear a lot in boxing, and no sex, race, sport or other activity in life has a monopoly on Heart.

Eileen, next destination, Italy.
Eileen, next destination, Italy

The match up: Two personal fitness trainers, albeit two highly proficient professional boxers, Eileen Olszewski and Stefania Bianchini destined to fight for a boxing title.

Setting out two oceans away, Eileen’s journey carries her from Hawaii to New York to Italy, pineapples to hot dogs to espresso.

On the surface, she brings merely 4 undefeated professional bouts.

Yet, consider this:

3 time National Golden Gloves Champion

3 times Daily News, New York Golden Gloves Champion, placing her in the company of boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson, Riddick Bowe and Emile Griffith

40 amateur fights with 10 knock outs (including an upset against a 49-0 opponent)

Never knocked down

Eileen fought her recent August match in the Bronx with a severe cold, but kept it from her manager, David Selwyn, for fear of worrying him and canceling that match.

“She fought her heart out that night against a very determined fighter,” he comments.

After just 6 months, David Selwyn’s initiative and perseverance landed Eileen a title bout on Sept. 14, 2007, in Rovigo, Veneto, Italy, bringing to mind Venice, gondolas and Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square).

But business first, Eileen prepares, “Fighting for the WBC title is a dream come true. They are the most recognized and respected professional sanctioning boxing organization.

Stephania is a true champion, strong body and heart, and I look forward to our fight. I want to make an impression on the European fight fans that appreciate women’s boxing.”

Stephania Bianchine: Italian gellato.
Stephania Bianchine: Italian gellato

Stephania’s straight shot for a title with no amateur background, and her ability to deliver a tough performance against champion, Regina Halmich, demonstrates fortitude and bravery. Now, 16 fights later, 14-2, her experience and honed skills distinguish her as a formidable Title defender. Stephania studied Eileen’s “You-tube” Beacon Theatre fight in May, and noted that Eileen was a skilled boxer, which is beautiful to see and compete against.

Sweet Hawaiian pineapple or Italian gelato, the menu includes two talented boxers that promises up to 10 intense grueling rounds of action, fighting to attain that special moment, and live the dream. Both compete with pride, one, to emerge victorious.

David Pambianchi is a New York writer, who loves to tell stories about the city, the people, the entertainment, the sport and the businesses that catch his attention.

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