Dominical Surf: One of the Best in the World?

Consistency is what Dominical surf is all about.

Dominical on Costa Rica’s south Pacific coast, is a small community that could not have been designed more perfectly to suit the avid surfer. Dominical is comprised of two dirt roads running parallel to the beach. Dotting the landscape are numerous backpacker hostels and affordable Dominical hotels that are perfect for the surfer on a budget.

There are canteens scattered about so whenever the urge strikes you for a beer after a great day of surfing…no shirts required and the Imperial’s are always cold.

Dominical surfing is HOT!

Still subscribing to the old school village attitude, in Dominical you can still camp right on the beach, have a bonfire and wake up with the toucans and monkeys to catch the early morning swells.

Dominical does have it’s moments of bone crushing waves however for the most part, the break at Dominical is geared towards the surfer looking for a more laid back atmosphere from other surf locations while still enjoying constant and reliable surf conditions all year round.

Dominical is one thing only…a surf destination. You won’t find expensive resorts and all inclusives here. Just nature’s finest waiting for you to rip it up.

While enjoying the Dominical surfing, one can stare up at the Talamanca Mountain Range that tower over the community to add one of the most amazing backdrops to an adventure you won’t soon forget.

And speaking of adventure…

If you are curious about learning how to surf then there really is only one choice in Dominical surf lessons and that’s Dylan Park’s Sunset Surf.

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