Dan Goossen Brings Boxing to Grand Cayman

Boxing promoter Dan Goossen decided to take a different look at boxing and bring events to George Town, Grand Cayman, recently. Goossen, in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, headed by the Honorable Charles E. Clifford, the Minister of Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce. This is a first for Goossen Tutor Promotions to promote a fight card at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal in the Grand Cayman capital city.

There were six bouts on the card, as follows:

Goossen Tutor Promotions
Photo by Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions

Andre Ward (16-0-11 KOs) of Oakland, Calif., knocked out Jerson Ravelo (18-3-12 KOs) of San Cristobal, Dominican Republic at 2:37 of the eighth round, winning the NABO Super Middleweight championship.

Heavyweight Eddie Chambers (31-1-17 KOs) of Philadelphia, Pa., defended his USBA title over Raphael Butler (31-5-24 KOs) of Rochester, Minn., knocking him out at 2:23 of the sixth round.

In an NBA featherweight title, Juan Ruiz (22-5-7 KOs) of Santa Clarita, Calif., knocked out Wayne McCullough (27-7-18 KOs) of Belfast, North Ireland. McCullough, who fights out of Las Vegas, Nev., is truly an exciting fighter but had an unfortunate day, losing at 3:00 of the sixth round. McCullough announced his retirement at the June 20 fight.

Photo by Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions
Photo by Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions

In a 12-round junior welterweight fight, Ronald Hearns (19-0-15 KOs) of Southfield, Mich., knocked out Jose Luis Gonzalez (12-4-1-10 KOs) of Garden City, Kans., in 2:01 of the seventh round.

Junior welterweight Ty Barnett (14-0-1-10 KOs) of Washington, D. C., knocked out Pavel Miranda (15-2-8-KOs) of Tijuana, Mexico, in just 25 seconds into the fourth round.

In the junior middleweight bout, Charles Whitaker (31-12-2-19 KOs) of George Town, Grand Cayman, scored a knockout over Troy Lowry (27-9-16 KOs) of St. Paul, Minn.

Goossen indicated that he wouldn’t mind promoting fights in Grand Cayman on a regular basis.

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