The Atlanta Falcons Want Another Super Bowl Win

The Atlanta Falcons had a tough loss in Super Bowl L1, but they aim to rise like a phoenix in 2018. The team is already favored to win eight out of the first ten games this season.

The Falcons Eye Another Super Bowl Invite

The Dirty Birds are still in prime condition and enjoying the franchise’s greatest era to date. The Falcons are the only NFC team to make the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and hope to make 2018 the third in a row. The team still has a fire in their belly regarding the humiliating defeat during the 2016 Super Bowl. Maybe that’s why just making the playoffs won’t be enough for this powerhouse of the South.

Going into 2018, the Atlanta Falcons boast the most talented offense in the game. Fans will be glued to the television or live streaming games for up to the minute updates all season. Less tech-savvy fans can learn how to get games and news on their devices by checking out the Atlanta Falcons live streaming guide.

The Falcons had their wings clipped against the Patriots in 2016 but hope to change that this year by winning a Super Bowl bid. That would give them the opportunity to raise the Lombardi Trophy in their own stadium. If they pull it off, Atlanta would be the first city to do so.

Super Bowl LI

Going into Super Bowl LI in Houston, the Falcons weren’t expected to win against Super Bowl regulars, the New England Patriots.

However, early on, the Falcons looked like they were going to bag the Super Bowl win. The first points came courtesy of Devonta Freeman, who sprinted over the zero-yard line in the second quarter. The lead expanded to 21-0 with a brilliantly executed interception by Robert Alford, who caught the throw from Tom Brady at 82 yards.

Eventually, it became the first Super Bowl in history to require overtime. Unfortunately, the Falcons also made history as the first team to lose a Super Bowl with such a huge lead. Tom Brady and James White pulled out all the stops with heroic plays that earned the Patriots win. Watch the Falcons this season and see if they can return to the Super Bowl and finish the job.

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