America’s Cup 2013 More Wind Delays on Day 10

The America’s Cup has had lots of drama this year but a lot of it was weather related, not the boats or crews, the sort of excitement we tune in to see.

In heavy winds the Oracle team seems faster and in light winds the Kiwi’s have a definite advantage but just as there is an upper wind limit, there is a virtual lower wind limit created by the race rules which place a time limit on the race.

The Coast Guard and the race rules won’t permit a race in winds which are too strong, in this case, about 21 kts., depending on current (time) current (water speed) conditions.

Twice New Zealand was well ahead or in a great position when the race was cancelled due to high winds. For days now they only needed one win to capture the Cup.

On the two days when the wind was high enough to let Oracle win the first race, the second race of the day was cancelled because the afternoon onshore wind quickened just enough to stop the race.

The first attempt at Race 13 on Day 9 was cancelled just minutes before the start, due to high wind.

On day 10 (today, Friday), Race 13 the New Zealand team was far ahead of the U.S.A. team after being held back at the beginning of the race by astute Oracle tactics, but races had to be completed in 40 minutes.

Today the wind which was slow enough for the race to be run was so light that team New Zealand was just rounding the final marker, turning on the finish leg when time expired and the race was officially abandoned.

There may still be a second attempt to run race 13 today. The fog is dissipating, but tide is increasing, but the wind doesn’t appear to be a problem unless it turns out to be too slow to again finish before the 40 minute time limit.