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All I know is what I see on the Internet! Last night was the GOP’s CNN/YouTube debate. Wheew! Just like a republican to have a three-named event. Thurston Howell, III, GOP’s CNN/YouTube debate the . . .?

Now I am going to warn you that these here comments I am going to make won’t make much of anything, make sense, make a mark, or any good. So, I am asking that we keep this story UNRATED. See, if you rate it poorly, you will only encourage me to write something better about these politicians. OR if you give these comments a good rating, you might encourage the politicians to keep right on politicking. Ok, so I will keep this short so you can keep blogging about last night’s debate, which has been blowing up the bloggersphere.

This little Internet interactive political debate idea is new this year and is taking off like sliced bread.

Town hall meeting

CNN producer said they had between 60-70 questions cued up from the nearly 5,000 submitted to YouTube.com. They cancelled out all the questions about “How’s your credit, and anything about their manhood that republicans are straying away from bathroom humor, at least until after the elections. Now, considering the last debate with democrats and their inability to answer more than 3 questions, the republicans looked like the shell answer man. However, with this being a YouTube town hall meeting, they had to do more answering of the questions and less tap dancing around them.

Now, as bad as the republicans may have it this election, they differently have more to talk about than the democrats do. Republicans can at least talk about people outside their own party.

Reading a report from USAtoday online it seems that the CNN team is steering away from “gotcha” questions that looks like the democrats sent them in. Now, what fun is that, if we wanted honesty in our politicians we would elect our mothers?

The low moment for me in this debate was when one of the candidates said, “People are more afraid of the IRS than they are of a getting mugged!” I just wish I had said it.

Ok, got to get back to the blogs so here is my plan: Part of this plan I have said before, I am just going to elaborate on a good thing. My plan is to have the Youtube folks chime in and ask the question in person. You want grassroots? Let us little old blades of grass pick at your weeds. THEN strap them all to a lie detector. But use a green light for true answers and red for false. That will light up the place like Christmas day. I slipped that Christmas word in for you republicans.

Ok, so I am out of here, Good luck all you bloggers and hot spotters, this cowboy is going to watch this one on the good old fashion TV set, IN HD. After a debate is like watching a traffic pile up, once you know everyone ok, you still want to stick around to look at the mangled mess. The republican machine took some hits and keep on ticking. Oh and by the way, Thomson, get some sleep take some vitamin C. If you think the primaries are tough, wait until you are watching the presidential race from home on TV. Hint: Run independent, but get some sleep. Let’s meet here tomorrow and see if we learned anything. Our hopes are high, now don’t disappoint us republicans.

And remember in all fairness let’s not vote on my story! Save the votes for the candidates.

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