Why People Don’t Like Politicians

The basic problem with most politicians are the five personality traits that are needed to be a politician. They are based on the idea, that a person, or those who are sales people, need to know how to get by in life. I call them the five “Ps” of politicians or anyone who sells a product, for themselves or to others in the public.

The Five Ps

Personal ambition which is tied with Pride, Popularity, Prosperity, Power, and Protection are the five traits that make politicians successful and despised by most people.

There is no absolute order in the five traits or skills that make up the persona of a politician. The seven gates of the Shabako Stone tell about the seven receptors or gates of man which are the two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and the mouth. These are known as the seven gates of wisdom, and perception. We only have one projector, the mouth. That gives us only one way to express the knowledge we have received. Maybe this is why we dislike politicians so much. We receive more than we can expel and they are never around to listen.

Personal Ambition

The first trait is personal ambition (pride) and that applies to almost everyone. Pride is the motive behind ambition. People want others to notice them and be recognized as someone who is important, wealthy, hansom, appealing, and prosperous. If you are ambitious, you learn to work hard and continue to work until life treats you with its rewards.

People who sell are politicians of a kind, and find they have to be more ambitious than most and develop the skills that make one very popular. Politicians are more ambitious than most people and really carry it much further than most. Popularity is an absolute must for politicians, and they work hard at being popular.


Popularity is a (number two) trait, because for a salesman, it is his bread and butter. They have to be liked, and when they do what is necessary for people to like them, they become popular and find success. Politicians will say anything to be popular with those who they desire to persuade to vote for them.

There is a dark side to being popular and I’m sure most of you know that side and have seen it. People who thirst after popularity seek it for the wrong reasons. Prosperity is also a motivator involved in popularity and when it becomes the ultimate motive, it is very dangerous. Money makes friends and friends make votes. The more votes, the more popular you are, and the merry-go-round continues to turn around and around.


Prosperity is (number three) the result of a few very import elements. One is hard work and the other is luck or a blessing, but the most important is to have a killer instinct or a lack of conscience. I know a few millionaires who are honest men and were blessed by God to achieve, but they are very few. One who must make money understands the golden rule in life, to be really wealthy.

Anything goes for those who become prosperous and live by the golden rule, “He who has the most gold, rules.” When money is the primary motivation behind a person, then it becomes very scary. Some have been known to sell their souls for the riches of wealth…


This is what changes people into dictators (number four) and force becomes the basic instinct. They want complete control, and will even kill to maintain their advantage. The desire for power can also motivate one to kill to gain power. Read Roman history and how many Caesars were killed because of power hungry politicians.

Money for some reason motivates people into the power mode. They just seek power and they do whatever is needed to obtain power, and then even more power. Greed, the cupidity of want, becomes the basic motivation of every waking moment. Money is their addiction and power is the source to obtain control over those who are weaker…


When power is obtained, then it becomes, the final straw, Protection, (number five) they need protection… They become paranoid for some reason. Why? Well they are powerful, rich and popular, and like the Caesars, they become vulnerable to others, to the newcomers who are after what they have obtained. Politics always has others…

Someone is after your job, and only the really powerful survive. So it continues in politics until some die or the public has enough and replaces all of them.

The public’s receptors get full of the rhetoric and the lying and the never-ending display of bad judgments and broken promises, and the new guy gets the vote. The question starts over. How long will this one last?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.