Voter Fraud Causes Election of Wrong Candidate

Early Voting Ruining Election Day

The ‘left’ seems overwhelmingly enamored with the ability to vote early in every major election. They never discuss the golden opportunity it gives voter fraud. In the writer’s home city of Asheville, NC, eighteen different locations were open for early voting. That’s 16 days (10/18-11/3), at 7 hrs/day.

The Left feels ‘disenfranchised’ without early voting, even though it aided major voting fraud. James Simpson outlines a small portion of the fraud actually occurring (“Did Obama Steal the 2012 election?”) located in [Archive].

Dimmitt Tornado1 NOAA
Project Vortex. The Dimmitt Tornado,south of Dimmitt, Texas.

June 2, 1995
NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

Early voting was rampant in all 50 states. Much fraud occurred with dirty voter rolls (dead or moved people), animals, celebrity names, and gridlock to fix existing problems, and decimated what’s left of our voting system.

In 2008, 31% of voters cast their ballots prior to Election Day, with >50% in battleground states. This year, it was >40%, since early voting was allowed in 32 states. For battleground states, party strategists estimate 70% of ballots were cast before 11/6 in Fl, NC, Co, and Nevada; and more than 30% in Oh, Wi, and Ia.

Per the Election Commission in the 2010 midterm election, <5% of military voters "were able to cast an absentee ballot that counted." That number decreased for the 2012 election.Early voting directly involves most illegals. If one checked those who voted in a federal election, many (particularly illegals) cannot pass a basic civics test. Obama also gave one million Obama phones (Lisa Fritch/ GOPUSA) to Ohioans, free health care, GM bailout, and a record stimulus package. For his next term, Obama wants to provide free college tuition, free contraception, illegal amnesty, and additional taxes.

Republicans thought immigration reform could alter Hispanic vote, but Google proves obvious evidence to the contrary. Ignoring immorality of forcing the degeneration of civil society by endorsing lawlessness for votes, amnesty is poor judgment. But it brings in millions of new Democrat voters.

Per Doug Patton (GOPUSA), when lined-up recipients were asked where “Obama money” came from, they replied: “We don’t know. From his stash! He’s the president! That’s why we love him!” Immediately we understand the secret of Obama’s re-election: pander to the ignorant who soak up lies of the Left, and have no idea how to survive a ‘nanny-state’.

A federal court told the administration to turn over records of illegals’ suspended deportations. Critics have aptly called this “stealth amnesty.” In fact, this administration’s release of potentially thousands of illegal-alien criminals from detention centers for budget cuts, is called “an impeachable offense” by Rush Limbaugh (2/26/13). “We’re opening prison doors before the sequester has even happened, even before there have even been any budget cuts.” AP (3/8/2013) says since February, the administration has released >2000 illegals from jail facing deportation. They plan to release >3000 in April. A surreal reality awaits people living nearby.

Early voting made fraud easy. Exponentially increased voter intimidation was a hallmark. Normal safeguards at election-day polling places are almost non-existent (e.g., voter ID, and Poll Watchers). Early voting sees increased intimidation from driving supervisors, and if mailed means those seeing the ballot can alter the vote easily.

It’s obvious how illegals can easily take advantage of these loopholes. And when they’re swayed by presidential gifts, there’ll be more reasons for a swayed vote.

But few realize the GOP is now legally ‘barred’ from fighting voter fraud. The Consent Decree case is the Democratic National Committee vs. the Republican National Committee, originally from 1982. It requires the RNC (not DNC) “to refrain from taking any ballot security activities….” This Decree for 30 years has stopped the RNC from any challenge to voter fraud in areas with racial populations.

The Decree has remained in force despite a RNC objections, only to be refused. Even with known countrywide election fraud, the RNC was prevented from eliminating fraud on Election Day.

Cleta Mitchell (Attorney/ Foley&Lardner) has 30 years experience, and practices before the Election Commission. Telling WND: “The RNC has been completely prohibited from doing anything in ballot security since 1982…the problem is there’s nothing the RNC can do in that regard because of the Consent Decree.”

When Obama took office in 2009, Republicans attempted to change the Decree. But retired Judge Debevoise ruled conditions since ’82 remain the same. He said since most minorities vote Democrat, the RNC will still ‘suppress’ their vote. Even being retired, he dismissed Democrat fraud, and extended his own supervision to 2017 for the Consent Decree.

Robert Ashcroft, a Pennsylvania auditor monitoring Election Day votes, said software observed would .” ..change the selection back to default-to Obama. It happened in 5-10% of the votes.”

There’s always a way to ‘right’ past ‘wrongs’. In this produced video “Voices Without a Vote” [Thumbnail], San Diego County college/high school students reveal answers everyone should know.