Trump’s Mental Illness Replaces Failed Russian Collusion

Russian Collusion Failed

The hysterical left and their media allies have failed to produce one shred of compelling evidence of so-called Russian collusion implicating Donald Trump. The botched plan that began long before he was president was hatched as a “Plan B” if for some unbelievable reason, he became president.

The plan is an unmitigated failure and the liberals know it. The American people are fed up with day after day coverage of what Hillary Clinton so aptly described as a “nothing burger.” But the Trump-haters will never give up. That plan is a failure so they think it is time to start a new hate campaign.

Now they think the mental condition of the president is a winner for them. Nothing will ever stop the liberal barrage of this country’s stability beginning with a duly-elected president. TV pundits and amateur psychoanalysts apparently have a green light to publicly comment on the President’s mental health. From The New York Times to CNN, they are paraded out each day.

Loony Liberal Networks

Grim-faced anchors on the liberal networks report daily that Trump has lost his mind. We are informed by Harvard psychiatrist Brand X or Yale therapist Brand Z that nuclear war is inevitable with Dr. Strangelove at the button. The idea that these people have no idea what they are talking about, have never met the president or have an ounce of credibility is of no consequence to the left in their quest to recover from Hillary’s loss in November, 2016.

One such illicit purveyor of bad news on Trump’s mental state appeared on CNN sounding like a doctor who must inform the patient’s family that there’s nothing that can be done. The president’s condition is untreatable and incurable. He’s showing increasing signs of paranoia, delusion, and isolation.

Trump-bashing book peddlers report the end of civilization as we know it because a crazy man is leading the country. Trump’s verbal attacks on Steve Bannon have raised the level of hysteria to ear-shattering levels. The American people should know there is no change that CNN is a Trump-hating, far left media operation. No sir.

It is the democrats who are really into Russian collusion – and Ukraine collusion – and China collusion.

Packaging the hatred of the left after Russian Collusion scam failed. Image by Speedy McVroom from Pixabay, modified by NewsBlaze
Packaging the hatred of the left. Image by Speedy McVroom from Pixabay, modified by NewsBlaze

Ignorant Media

The media is performing a public service for those in front of their TVs ignorant enough to buy this. Those that do generally do not achieve this sort of gullible behavior from websites or newspapers because that means they must read it, or have someone read it to them. But they believed Russian collusion, so they may believe anything they are told.

No my fellow Americans with common sense. This is merely re-packaging the hatred of the left in a new box. Their Russian Collusion scam failed, so they try something else. The label changes, but it is the same ingredients.

trump hating democrats.
Trump-hating democrats

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