The Stimulus, George Washington and Hypocrisy

Yesterday, Barack Obama called the new trillion dollar spending package created primarily by him and the Democratic Congress as a rescue for the U.S. economy, “a milestone.”

Yes, this IS truly a milestone, but not the type that I think Mr. Obama is referring to. Rather a definite milestone in the total disregard it appears that the members of Congress and this new Administration, as with the old, accord the American people and their Bill of Rights protections. And while the Republicans are distancing themselves from this spending package with the exception of the three stooges – Specter, Snow and Collins – not one stood up for the Constitution, nor any of the others called for impeachment of those who sponsored this bill due to cronyism and apparently, “political correctness.” I wonder how “politically correct” the founder’s would be if faced with a fellow Congressman or Senator that proposed such outrageous spending and legislation? Somehow, I don’t think Mr. Washington, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Madison, or Mr. Henry would have stood there simply wringing their hands.

So when you hear those Washington politicos backbiting after bill passages as this one and that other fraud upon the public committed last September, just know that they all then go to lunch in the executive dining rooms, and vote their own salaries and perks while drinking those martinis. The fact that bill passed by such a small margin just goes to show there was some heavy backroom dealings as to which of those Republicans were going to take the heat this time for betraying the Constitution and the American people. Similar to how closely that September 700 Billion Bank Bailout vote passed by a mere two votes which was also protested loudly by the citizenry. Instead of a lack of bipartisanship now going on in Washington, you actually can rest assured that it is bipartisanship that is actually the biggest problem – bipartisan treason and a clear merging of the two “corporate” parties which have outlived their usefulness at this point into one. The “Global Socialist Party.”

You would think a Pennsylvania Senator would be familiar with our Constitution, but alas no such luck, since a massive portion of that legislation had nothing to do with “stimulating” anything but the state coffers in also bypassing the state citizens stuck with the tab and fallout, and any job creation included was in the public sector primarily and private/public partnerships with global and national technology firms such as Microsoft which will most likely result in job losses for a great many Americans in the long term. A great deal of the monies also was earmarked for “refurbishing” federal buildings and decorating the National Mall. We wouldn’t want those federal employees that we are paying to be working in less than optimal, state of the art, facilities now would we?

While the only real benefits given to the citizens were tax breaks on first home purchases, there was no relief for those who have already lost theirs, with now bad credit and no hope of purchasing another even if they wanted to sign the loan shark loans those banks continue to market, which was actually the real “relief” needed in salvaging the mortgage crisis, better regulation and oversight, and a return to fixed priced lending policies.

The other “gimme” to Americans was a small increase in the way of deductionable college tuition costs. While those tuitions continue to rise at a record pace, huge amounts also went to colleges and universities, apparently, in order to upgrade their technology so as to afford your kids and mine the “opportunity” to work on the national health care database inputting your medical records as a part of their “educations.”

A new “job creation” work-study program of the federal government, with the parents or the students actually paying now to work for the government. This must be along the lines of the “get involved” volunteerism Obama also ran on. Private citizens not only donating their time, but now paying for the privilege of working for the public sector. While paying tuition, your kids will be then used to create the database for the government in exchange for those grant monies in order to violate your civil rights, while getting college course credit in the process after forking over that $10,000 or more per year in tuition. Paying for your own eventual privacy invasion and abuse, as it were, courtesy of U.S.A., Inc.

At a time when the baby boomers are aging, and who by and large had less children than the World War II generation, the most funding went to higher level education? Even at lower levels, our classrooms are shrinking if nothing else due to the shear number of parents who are now home schooling their children at record rates. Money has been thrown at education before to no avail. Yet it appears the message still has not sunk in. The computer and calculator generation lack critical thinking skills. Bring back phonics and long division. The greatest geniousness in history had little formal education. So there must be another agenda again here, in re-educating our youth and adult population to the global mindset as opposed to that which was taught in prior generations, since it must appear in Washington that the media itself is not having the desired result as quickly in this attempt at mass propaganda.

While it is interesting to note that while the very vocal liberal coalition that backed Obama so voraciously during his election campaign after six long years of bashing the Bush Administration (which, granted, deserved to be bashed due to it’s numerous Constitutional transgressions), they and the liberal media Obama supporters have actually started to defend this national health care database and Civil Rights violation as just what this country needs to provide new technology jobs, progress and in order to “compete in the global community.” If you have any doubts at how far this country has fallen, such a term smacks of inferiority, and not the great nation the founder’s created.

The same liberal wing that uses “global speak” on both sides of the aisle also want to stifle now free speech in bringing back the Fairness Doctrine since their savior is now in office. Notice how this also was a topic at the Saddleback Church forum of the two globalists candidates during the campaign for the presidency. “Political correctness” and “civility” are merely terms for distortions of the truth to make it socially acceptable. There was a bumper sticker I saw the other day that said it all: “Political correctness is dependent and thrives on factual incorrectness.”

While this bill is now ready for Mr. Obama to sign into law tomorrow, let me remind you that this is the president that up to date still refuses to produce a valid birth certificate under the clear terms of the Constitution demonstrating that he even fits the minimal qualifications in order to hold the highest office in the land. Violating your privacy as private citizens as a Constitutional lawyer it would appear jives with his “interpretations” of it, as must also Bush’s ideas of executive immunity. The first official act of this administration has been to violate your civil rights far greater than even the Patriot Act, if that is possible. Orwell, the Marxist, didn’t even go this far in his novel of Big Brother. The only “change” that has occurred is the speed with which this country is now descending into communism, as point of fact.

The media is now focusing again on trivialities such as “partisanship,” and the drama while Congressional members are busy in makeup getting ready for their appearances this weekend and all next week rehashing their treason.

So the next time you are denied a needed medical treatment, or find yourself eventually denied or fired from employment due to a chronic condition diagnosed in childhood due to the open endedness in which that provision is worded, or the 600,000 agencies initially that are to be given access to the most personal information any citizen can have – ask yourself where the ACLU was during this American civil liberties violation BEFORE the bill was signed.

Most likely licking their lips in the Senate dining room, since they also were successful in lobbying many years ago for a federal statute that provides for their attorney’s fees in any civil rights action also at the American citizens expense. The Global Socialist Party, that spreads its membership across both sides of the aisle, has even socialized legal fee awards.

This bill is no more than the 2009 Lawyer’s Employment Act – and those are the jobs that were mostly created and stimulated. Between this and the Patriot Act, the legal profession in this country, and our courts, will be the major industries within less than a decade. The judicial branch just scored a coup, who is also lobbying for judicial salary increases through its PAC organization, the American Bar Association.

Most of the new graduates out of those universities now so generously funded will either be lawyers, data processors, or in the hospitality field, while we continue to watch our durable goods and manufacturing base shipped off to China and India, and the America of the baby boomer’s generation turned into a tourist attraction for foreigners. Or working for the government and U.S.A., Inc. The CEO mentality now is what is “governing” our federal government, and our country and its assets being sold off bit by bit. Including its very own citizens. The risk/loss assessment has already been done. Global Socialists 1, Americans 0.

How ironic that such legislation should be signed into law on the day which was meant to honor that first President, George Washington – the one that practiced the policies and beliefs of non-interventionism in both foreign and domestic policy. Who fought the East India Tea Company and their “corporate” control over their former government. Who watched his own troops freezing at Valley Forge that winter long ago in order to secure those liberties and freedoms from the governmental tyranny and abuse that Congress and this Administration have so arrogantly ignored in saddling the entire U.S. population for the gains of primarily the “corporate” federal and state coffers again without even a minimum of accountability nor “transparency,” and their selected private “corporate” subjects – Silicon Valley, Microsoft, construction and higher education (in spite of dwindling enrollments). The federal government’s now Big Four sovereign subjects.

I guess that illegal amnesty will be next up on the block, so whatever construction jobs that were created in the process can now are handed out to the foreigners. Remember, they cancelled the “buy American” provisions that would have required also Americans and American labor for government contractor recipients under this package. It was former Republican Global Socialists responsible for the removal of that provision.

So you see, there are no longer Republicans or Democratic. Those former labels no longer fit. The liberal Democrats are now big government Communists, and the former Republicans are big business globalists – thus, the Global Socialist Party has officially been formed, and as also demonstrated during the Bush Administration. Remember, we voted the Democrats over Republicans in 2006. The war is still continuing with no mention of an end in sight due to this “crisis,” when quite a few billion could have been saved and used starting next month in simply ending the war.

I think someone with more computer savvy than I do needs to begin the formal recognition now in Wiki.