The President and the Youth: Match Made in Heaven No More

With 2010 just underway, already there have been feet in many of the democrats’ mouths. Many people, including the now World Famous “Obama Girl” are seeing the dangerous lacking in Obama’s leadership and wondering why all the promises of “Change” he made have not yet come into play.

Making very little headway in the important issues such as healthcare and more importantly, already going back on his campaign promises Obama has already stated he sees himself as a one term president and while personally I couldn’t agree more, he hasn’t made much fans while in office anymore. The honeymoon, despite seeming longer than most Presidents have enjoyed, is coming to a slow but strong hault. How is this happening? Reality is sticking its little head into the minds of the once dead set followers of this Democrat leader.

An incredible example: While Senator Ted Kennedy’s shoes are incredibly large ones to fill when it comes to policy for the state, it seems the people within it no longer believed they should be filled by a democrat. With a small budget, little known and now worldly known Senator Scott Brown won the special election for the Republicans.

This, many political pundits believe is a sign of the tides turning against the President and his fellow democrats and for The GOP. Particularly, tides of the youth. The same who’s college and university campuses were flooded with Obama supporters, signs and pro-Obama statements, who once loved and adored President Obama, have gone as far as to reschedule his State of the Union Speech so they wouldn’t be interrupted as they watch the first of the final episodes of Lost. How is this possible, let’s look at the statistics a bit shall we?

To me I have seen that there are 2 active factions of the youth politically:

1. The youth that have voted for Obama and have grown up to find no positive “change” resulting from his win

2. The youth that wish Obama would just go away

The current events, economy and otherwise have incredibly affected both of these groups Both make up the highest piece of the unemployment rate which is increasing by the second And more importantly: Both are the least supportive of the healthcare reform initiative A factor Obama has been dead set on despite any statements regarding any bipartisan possibility. Bottom line, Many graduates are fighting against a delayed successful entry into the workforce because at their first attempt, they are not only fighting with a job loss but also with applicants that have more experience and will probably work for peanuts while some of them are fighting to pay loans not to mention the increasingly high debt the government is giving us as a graduation gift.

More dangerous for the democrats the left no longer have the youth outreach they once had, during the special election of in Massachusetts….Obama asked his young followers to be more “fired up” than they were when he was running….well, we saw how well that comment did. The youth are, as many pundits have stated, waking up from their Obama induced coma to a very costly and personally dangerous hangover.