The Politicians, the Webs and the Catch

The Spiders, the Webs and the Catch

In the dark, in the corners of the rafters, stairs and buildings, outside in the woods and jungles, they waited in silence, making nary a sound, waiting, watching, preparing. The spiders gathered together for a secret meeting in the most elaborate web that was built by orb and tangleweb spiders that were familiar with the construction of large arenas.

It was determined that they should use the most devious tricks they could come up with to assure the insect population would go along with their master plan of world domination. Mr. and Mrs. Recluse were joined by the Browns and the Widows, the Arthropods, the Tarantulas and the Jumpers to promote various schemes to draw in the unsuspecting prey.

It wasn’t as if the spiders had just come up with this plan for a world wide web new order, no, their ancestors had long ago announced this plan in a far away land in Europe. As the plan spread to all the other spiders, evil coelomates brought forth their own courses of action with various issues that needed funds to provide the silk and so within their laws, earmarks sprang up for those ideas.

A Gore-like Tarantula

One day a huge and Gore like Tarantula who spoke with his own personal agenda began to promote his idea of global warming while simultaneously accepting the praise for invention of the worldwide web. “If we can persuade the flies that the entire world is warming due to the insects’ own actions, then we can use that issue to promote total reliance upon our webs. I think we can do this by simply repeating our tale over and over and over again until the flies believe it.” The idea seemed genius to nearly all of the other wealthy spiders and the idea was promoted liberally.

As the years went by, a special election was held for the spiders by all the other insects of the land and with a bit of uncertainty of the actual vote count, the new presiding Head Spider was elected. Immediately, the new spider who had webs in various other places than the city of which he’d called home was recognized as the “ONE” greatest leader of the world by the unsuspecting masses of insects who were fooled by his flamboyant speeches. His name was Spider Obama of the Jumping Spider tribes from the remote webs of an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Spider Obama Moves In

Spider Obama quickly set up his new government placing other like-minded spiders in positions of power all around the historic oval office he inherited. With great cunning he pointed fingers at his predecessor for every problem he was faced with and used the flies’ air mail to promote his new ideas for a world of insects beneath his six eyed nose.

This new spider government was soon able to entangle so many flies into their webs that the spiders became tired of the taste of many of the flies and wanted to include in their diet other insects. Soon it was decided by the wealthiest spiders that many flies were to be released if they promised to promote their political agenda of influencing other insects into their webs. So the great deception was spread with care by flies who congregated on the manure of the field animals and then passed the disgusting proteins to other insects who were starving, free of charge

The flies and spiders were both so happy with the work and organization that enabled them to jointly confuse and trick the other insects that they were often seen in public rubbing their hairy little hands together with huge smiles on their faces. Silk ribbons were spun and wrapped around many of the insects with celebration and ceremony for their efforts in promoting the new worldwide web. So many of the insects woven in the sticky silk continued to dance around and around, until they were dizzy with anticipation of the FEMA webs that awaited them.

The Mantis and The Fly

One day in a tea field, a praying mantis chatted with his fellow insects. As he did, a fly buzzed about his head, listening to the conversation and waiting for the mantis to finish speaking. “Fellow bugs, gentle butterflies, busy bees and worms, let me tell you all what the spiders really plan to do with their new worldwide webs. They plan to order you to obey them, they have already wrapped their lies into silky smooth snares and have captured other insects throughout the world.” The fly suddenly landed on a leaf and yelled as loudly as he could. “The Mantis’ who are seen praying to the Creator are deceiving you guys with the smell of mint and lemon, they could not possibly be telling you the truth. This I know because I have been to the webs and have found them to be very warm, friendly and cozy.”

All of the insects who attended the conference were now bugged by the disagreements between the Mantis and the Fly about the Spiders and their webs. “What can we do to know who is speaking the truth?” the bees buzzed. “The spiders seem so kind and knowledgeable about all of the issues and they promise to feed us and protect us” said a stoned grasshopper. A worm popped out of his hole and said, “I’m very afraid of cold weather, it will mean having to dig deeper to stay warm. The flies and that very boisterous Gore spider have warned us about it and if we don’t allow the spiders to raise taxes to pay for the silk for the webs, we could all freeze.”

Frustrated, the large praying Mantis flew away to the other end of the tea field. He saw a large group of insects who were listening to a wasp speak. “We know that these spiders and flies have joined together to try to trick the insect world into taking shelter in their FEMA webs and accept their silk ribbons and manure proteins. I say to you now to remember the principles that our nation’s Constitution was founded upon. Do not forget the great insect wars between the red army ants and the black army ants. Do not forget all the bugs that died whose bug guts were spilled to make our nation great.”

“Yes” interrupted the praying Mantis, “the spiders lie, their webs are meant to trap us and kill us. Do not let them take your claws and your fangs by getting ensnared in their traps of disarmament. If they rip off your arms, your ability to fight back and live in freedom will be lost.”

Media Flies Arrive

At about this time, a swarm of media flies arrived on the scene. They flew here and there, landing and biting the ants, the Mantis family and harassing the butterflies and bees who were trying to gather sweet tea nectar from the fields. The media flies tried to spread their manure and rubbed their tiny hairy hands together in glee whenever they managed to chase a stoned grasshopper or roach away. More and more flies arrived chasing RINO moths, which often flew towards a night light into the dark abyss of a spiders web.

Spider Obama approached his entourage of approving Arachnids. He spoke of freedom and unity, but then minced his words with bold lies and half truths to the deadly czar spiders and puppet flies that attended. They in turn were instructed to continue the great hoax of communing with the many other species of insects. “We must make our final push towards a world that provides safety and better education for our children.” He began. “We must get the larvae to make their parents understand that our web government is the very best thing for them. Whatever tactics we must use, we will, even if that tactic is in the form of insect bombs, spray shootings, Raid attacks on those who gather in the tea fields, chem trails or water confiscation. We can disarm the bugs and we will. These things I will do by executive order and avoid confrontation by the congressional leeches and flies that follow the donkeys, rinos and elephants.”

The insect world was abuzz with the news of the wave of web communes. Soon Russian beetles were singing about the old days of the U.S.S.R., King Bees sounded blue after hearing of the intentions of the spiders, Monarch butterflies migrated to safer shores and gnats that were dumb enough to try to elude the many spider webs were eaten alive by Largemouth Bass and trout that swam the depths of rivers, lakes and streams. Ants began preparing for war by training their armies with great military tactics. The praying Mantis realized that the Creator must send back the messiah to the tea fields and all closed their eyes before joining together in one last supper that consisted of garbage media flies.

As turmoil in the world continued, the United Nations in New York City hosted a grand assembly of deceived members that consisted of a grassroots party of roaches, swarms of locusts, resin spitting grasshoppers, a few slugs, worms and media flies anxiously awaiting to hear from the new leader of the worldwidewebs. Fleas and ticks were mandatory taxes at the event.

He was introduced by the cuckoo wasp and great applause filled the auditorium as the new leader of spiders and insects came to the podium. The anti Christ Spider was beautifully adorned in splendor and was so named the Peacock Spider. However a very strange thing happened before the Peacock Spider could utter a word.

Into The Web of Deception

The land rumbled, the skies turned eerie, the winds increased in intensity and blew those bugs away who were close to open windows. In an instant, in the twinkling of a fly’s eye, the insect world witnessed a great disappearance of insect saints who had lived their lives according to their savior Jesus. Only praying Mantis species who had fallen into false religions remained.

The Peacock Spider quickly grabbed the microphone and told everyone to enter the safety of the webs built by the spiders for just such an occasion. So many insects followed their local spiders who adorned each one with a silk ribbon of acceptance and obedience to the Peacock Spider. Many other insects scurried out of fear into their own households to seek safety from the unknown. In time, these hidden insects were persuaded to enter the webs or face beheading. So many insects followed the spiders’ advice, were spun in adoring silk and then realized at the last moment that they had been tricked. Now they were doomed to be eaten by having the liquid of their bodies sucked out of them by the spiders.

This is the same trap that is being laid out for the people of the world by communists, socialists and all forms of totalitarian dictators who plan on lowering the world’s population by whatever means necessary, and that usually means wars and mass executions.

When you vote in the next election, vote for freedom, ask the tough questions of the politicians who are campaigning, pray about the choices, vote for your Constitutional rights and don’t be swayed by political promises or gifts. After the elections, check on the politicians’ voting records, find out how they voted on new and old taxes, did they protect your right to defend yourself.

Don’t get caught in a web of deception and try not to let life bug you.