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Wayne Bainbridge is a conservative writer from Pennsylvania.

Politics and Racism Ruining Entertainment and Sports

You see, the NFL seems to have buckled to political correctness or more accurately religious persecution of Christianity in the case of quarterback Tim Tebow who openly displays his affection of God by kneeling and pointing up to Heaven.

The 2014 NFL Draft – A Guru Gives His Insights

NFL draft guru Wayne Bainbridge gives you the stuff that you need to know, on picks for the NFL draft, past present and future.

The Politicians, the Webs and the Catch

Today's political climate told in a children's story that is synonymous with current events.

Tumblr Website Gains Popularity, But Parents Beware

Through personal use of Tumblr, I consider the website a serious challenger to other social media sites but with a caution to parents due to adult subject matter that can be obtained.

Connecticut, Connect The Dots

Many questions surround the shooting at Sandy Hook,Ct. Should we question authorities and the mainstream media who have gone to great lengths to ensure a scene of tragedy?