Tumblr Website Gains Popularity, But Parents Beware

I first joined Tumblr last spring out of sheer boredom from unemployment and found it to be entertaining and addictive. Tumblr is different from Facebook in that you are not having to deal with people who would comment on what you write or display, requiring you to reply or retaliate. Now, it’s not that I don’t want correspondence with people that I know, but sometimes, I just want to blog or show a photo and move on.

Tumblr is also a bit more anonymous since you don’t or shouldn’t use your name as the username. Instead, you make up a username and display any photo you’d like as your avatar. Then after setting up your page with a variety of free or paid screen themes, you go to search and type in subjects of interest. Usually there will be quite a variety of photos or captions or gifs or even videos that you can download or “reblog” onto your own Tumblr site.

Tumblr is mind numbing I admit, and it can be time consuming because some of the photos draw in your interest and you search for more.

Warning For Parents

Tumblr logo
The Tumblr logo

For parents, the frightening thing about Tumblr is the amount of hardcore pornography that is available on it. Also, you never really know who is behind the face of the username you add to your follow list. There is also the allowing of others to follow you, which does show up on your information page and you may or may not decide to follow them if you check their blog and are not in favor of it. Tumblr will also block a username if you request it. Parents should investigate the website for themselves to determine if it is something they would permit their kids to join. According to Wikipedia, more than half of Tumblr viewership is from those under the age of 25.

Personally, I very much enjoy looking at photos taken by others and passing them along. I like to add music videos from YouTube also. I am not as scrutinizing as I should or could be when it comes to adding a certain amount of subjects that some might be offended by. I look at the blog as being “things I like,” which often includes scantily clad women, fast cars, humorous gifs, writings and rants, pictures of ships, soldiers, celebrities, beliefs and fantasy. In my heading, I summarize my blog and warn readers of it that there could be some adult subject matter they may find offensive. If you find it offensive, go elsewhere. That seems to be the universal theme on Tumblr, amongst almost all bloggers.

There are bloggers who like to share news stories and even blogs that are owned by various newspapers, magazines, AP, opinion and those who simply like to share gossip. As a newsblaze.com writer, I will also promote the website on Tumblr to perhaps gain more readers.

You should be warned about Tumblr as an addictive pastime because who doesn’t like to look at cool photos, and as time goes by and the number of followers increases, you actually get to know a little about some of the other Tumblr bloggers, if they allow it. Yes, you can transfer photos from photobucket or pinterest to your Tumblr. You can also download photos that you take onto the site.

Tumblr Thumb For Frequent Visitors

Scrolling with my left hand is fastest for me even though I am right handed, but there is danger of getting what I call Tumblr Thumb, a sore and tired thumb from looking as well. If you like a post but don’t want to reblog it, then you simply click on the heart and it will only be added to your personal “like posts” which are not seen by others.

I’m sure the federal government investigates your Facebook and likewise any other website you visit if you are a person of interest to them.

If you add the Tumblr app to your Iphone or smart phone, I have found that allows the thousands of photos available to be scrolled up or down singly and quickly.

Of course, I’d love you to be reading stories written by all of us associated with newsblaze.com but once finished here, give Tumblr a try, if it’s not for you, just move on and forgettaboutit.